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So here it is what I think my schedule will look like for the next few months. I am excited and a little scared by it. I will definately have to be more organized and spend less time playing games and more time focusing on the writing and family.

Note the blue violet boxes that say school.  I’m not going back to school, but I am volunteering at my daughter’s school two days a week to help the kids with writing. You will also note that the pink which is for my writing time, well there doesn’t seem to be a lot of it, so I will have to make the most of the time I do have. Monday and Thursdays, when I have the biggest blocks of writing time, I intend to also do a blog post. Mondays will be my devotional blog post and Thursday will be for updates and discussion about my books.

Now for a few updates:

Palace of Twelve Pillars: The news here is most exciting. I am finally submitting it to agents and editors. So far I have sent out three submittals, two to agents and one to an editor. Now you may be asking how did I get here? Most of you know about the years spent writing and tearing my hair out, but I haven’t shared what happened at the beginning of August. So here it is. August 4-7 I attended the PNWA (Pacific Northwest Writer’s Association) Conference. What an awesome, sometimes overwhelming, extremely satisfying conference. It was nothing like I had ever been to before. (of course I have never been to a really big conference like this one before.) Anyway so I signed up for this conference and for one pitch the agent session. When I got my confirmation I was disappointed in the agent that I was scheduled with. Even though I had requested him, he was third on my list. I contemplated cancelling the appointment, but for whatever reason didn’t follow through. (I think it was a God-incidence, more about that later.)

I arrive at the conference, with pitch in hand, thinking I was ready to rock-a-roll. One of the first workshops I went to was on pitching. My pitch even though I had spent weeks on it wasn’t quite there yet. After several more rewrites and pitching to numerous other conference attendees I finally had it down. I spent a few hours standing in line and was able to schedule three more pitch sessions. So now I had two agents and two editors lined up to pitch to.

Saturday morning 9:00 first pitch. The one that was prescheduled by the conference plannners and the one that I thought about cancelling. I’m very nervous. I go in and give my pitch. The agent is interested. He wants to see more of my work.

The next two appointments go in a similar way, another agent and an editor want to see more of my work. The last appointment in the day doesn’t go as well, but still a hit. She is a publisher but they don’t publish Christian anything. However she does know someone who does and might be interested in seeing my stuff. So I’d say I hit a grand slam.

Oh and the God-incidence, you can see it was a good thing I didn’t cancel that appointment, because he was the one that showed the most interest and asked for the most stuff.

Palace of Three Crosses- resting in the drawer. Will get back to revisions in a few months.

Sanctuary of Nine Dragons-still unfinished, but working on it. Started in my critique group. Aiming to finish by the end of September if not sooner.  Hoping all the twins will tell me the end of the story soon.

NANO 2011- story undetermined as of yet. I know there is a dragon and a Romanian castle, but don’t know what they are doing yet. I also committed to be a Municipal Liason for the year, so I can help out my other half a brain.

It looks like a pretty full schedule till the end of December. I’ll be checking in and looking for input along the way.

All for the glory of God,

Christina Weigand

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