Updates and Goals: May/June 2011


So I have been a little lax in updating here, or even posting at all. I hope to change that now.

Palace of Twelve Pillars: Still moving along with final edits. Projecting completion of this phase by the beginning of August, and will start pitching at the PNWA Writer’s Conference. I am going to explore the possibility of getting it as an ebook while I shop it with agents and publishers. I’ll let you know what I decide.

Palace of Three Crosses: Still looking for a new title. Almost through the preliminary phase of critique, edit and revision. Hoping to have this phase finished by mid-June. Then I will move to the second phase of rewrites with a goal for October 30 completion. By the end of the year I plan on having it in the hands of a copy editor.

Sanctuary of Nine Dragons: Writing is moving along. I have been handwriting for the most part, so I am not sure of the word count, but the story is moving forward and once in a while I even get in the zone where the story takes over. It has been a struggle because I am juggling all three books in the series and sometimes I lose track of what book something has happened in. In spite of that, the goal is to have the initial writing phase done by mid-June and then it will hit my critique group.

Myrria’s Legacy & Bjorn’s Revenge: Haven’t paid too much attention to either. Myrria is hopefully going to visit a teacher over the summer for some proofing and Bjorn will be brainstormed come October, for a November sprint.

Women of the Bible: A Study: I am currently and very slowly editing a proof copy from CreateSpace. Once the edits are finished I will probably publish through them.

As if those things were not enough to keep me busy and out of trouble, I am contemplating taking all the devotions I have written for blog posts over the years and compiling them into a book which I will publish through CreateSpace. This is just a thought of mine and won’t happen quickly. You can see, I already have a few projects on my plate as well as continuing to work with the fourth soon to be fifth graders at my daughter’s school. This being a vision I hope to expand on in the upcoming school year. We shall see. Doing lots of praying and hoping that this is God’s plan for me.

One other small detail: I plan on becoming more active in NANO prep this year. I have a half a brain out there with lots of good ideas, who promises to keep me on track if I do the same for her.

Read and Write On and God Bless,

Christina Weigand


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