Just a quick note to let you all know where things are.

You know I have been querying Palace of Twelve Pillars since the end of August.  Here are the numbers on the 14 queries that have been emailed:

Five rejections

Five still waiting for responses

One accepted and I rejected

And two have asked for and recieved full ms

With a third one asking for a ms and synopsis as well as a synopsis of Palace of Three Crosses and Sanctuary of Nine Dragons. This one just happened today and I never expected the publisher to be interested in all three novels, since I only went in there pitching one novel. But she asked if it was a stand alone, I told her yes, although there were to other books that could make it into a series. When she asked the progress of the other two, I about fell off my chair. So long story short, I now have someone looking at the whole series and have to get my butt in gear with a synopsis and getting the third one finished. Things are hopping now.

I’ll keep you posted.

Christina Weigand

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