Twelve Pillars Trilogy Update


Palace of Twelve Pillars is still searching for an agent or publisher to pick it up. There are several real possibilities out there. Will keep you updated when I hear anything.

Palace of Three Crosses is in the final edit stage before I get a copy editor.

Sanctuary of Nine Dragons is being revised, edited and expanded as I write this. Of the four if you count Aaron’s Revenge, Sanctuary has been the most challenging, trying to make sure I stay true to the happenings in Aaron’s Revenge as well as folding Aaron’s Revenge into Sanctuary. Besides the more I write the more I see needs changed or added. As always this has been a learning process and just when I think I know it all, I learn something new or ways to improve on a old way of doing things.

God willing this project that has been so close to my heart for many years will soon be in a place where someone other than me and my immediate family can read it’s message and take it to heart.

As I already mentioned there is a brand new project waiting in the wings, waiting to be developed and to carry on the message of it’s predecessor and again God willing we will see the fruition of all of these in coming months and years.


Thank you and God Bless,

Christina Weigand

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