This Lent: B is for Blessed


I usually start these posts with a Bible verse, but today I am doing things a little different. For the past couple of weeks I have been participating in a writing class entitled Writing the Psalms offered by a truly wonderful servant of God, Alice Wisler. Just as the title suggests I have learned how to write psalms. For me though this course has proved to be so much more. It gently prodded me to search beyond the surface, to explore my feelings and my relationship with God. Through Alice God was moving to make me a better, writer, wife, mother and mostly a daughter of His.

So here I just want to thank Alice for being open to being the vehicle that God used to prepare me for whatever mission He has for me.

Here are the two psalms that I wrote for the last assignment.


Lord, why don’t you hear my cries?


Satan plies me with empty promises.

Where are you Yahweh?


The world beats me down with heavy weights.

Where are you Yahweh?


Why don’t you hear my cries, my pleading?

Why don’t you ease my despair?


Why can’t I hear your words, feel your love?

Why have you abandoned me, abandoned the world?


Hear the cries of your children, Oh Lord.

We are weak, we don’t have the tools, we can’t do this alone.


I turn to you in my pain.

I trust in your unfailing mercy.


Yahweh, you love me in spite of my sin.

You answer in spite of my unbelief.


Adonai, you are the rock upon whom I place my trust.

Adonai, you are the lighthouse I seek in the storms of life.

I will sing your praises to the end of my days.

For Yahweh is a merciful and loving God.



I will shout your glory from the highest mountaintop.

Adonai, you are my most beloved and merciful God.


You have blessed me, by sacrificing Your Son,

by feeling, living and knowing my pain.


You sacrificed all for the likes of me, a sinful human.

You did more than I could ever do. You faced pain and torture

that I can’t begin to imagine and could never face without you by my side.


The words I have cannot begin to describe the splendor of your majesty, the power of your mercy,

the heart of your forgiveness, the love you have for me, a simple sinning being.

Lord, wash me in your forgiveness,

Bless me with your grace.

Embrace me in your most loving heart.

I will sing Your praises to the end of my days.

For you have done great things for me.


I have been truly Blessed by this experience. I have been truly Blessed by God to have found this wonderful woman.

Thank you Alice. Thank you God.

All for the Glory of God,

Christina Weigand

P.S. You can check out Alice and her ministry at and

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