The Procrastination Game

Time to quit playing the procrastination game. You may be saying what is the procrastination game? Although I am the one to give it a title, I’m sure many of you have played it. The rules of the game are quite simple: Find as many things as you can to do so you can put off b.i.c.h.o.k (butt in chair, hands on keyboard). In fact even my keyboard is involved in this game this morning. Anyway back to the rules, do this activity for as long as you can stand yourself. For some of us that could take a long time, for others like me you will get frustrated with not writing and sit down and write something silly or maybe even something profound. For me today I am starting with something silly and segueing into something a little more interesting. So now you have seen the silly, on to the more interesting.

Some updates for your perusal: (oops slipped again, threw some trash away in an effort to declutter my office.) Number One update: Palace of Twelve Pillars is ready to go to the copy editor, at least as ready as I am going to make it. I have spent the last few weeks reading and rereading the ms and I think I have found everything. However from previous experience I know that is not the case, so now I leave it up to Sharon Schultz at Tillie Ink to find what I may have missed. You can check her out at

Number Two Update: I started working on Three Crosses again. I’m currently stuck on an assassination attempt, but now that I can focus a little more I should be able to work through that and finish the story. Then the editing starts. Ahh the wonderful never-ending circle us writers run on. Should be fun.

Number Three Update: You may have noticed that I haven’t been writing on my blog for the last few weeks. I encountered some technical difficulties and with a very simple solution at the end of two weeks of agony, implemented the solution and viola I can now post on my site again. So I refer you to one of my last posts where I said I would post more regularly that should start to happen now.

One more note: You may notice a header change at my site. The dragon is Myrria and the girl Darby. As you are probably aware Myrria travels throughout all my YA and middle grade novels and Darby is the main character in Myrria’s Legacy a middle grade wip. I just want to give credit to the wonderful artist who drew this for me. Her name is Nancy West. Didn’t she do a fantastic job of capturing Myrria? I would not have such a great interpretation of Myrria if it were not for Nancy.  Thank you Nancy.

There you have it.

Happy Reading and Writing and God Bless,


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