Ultimate Blog Post Day 12: The Work of Dragons


Prompt: A dragon is kept as a guardian to defend hidden knowledge.

I thought today I would discuss what the dragons do in my books. I am sure that dragons serve other purposes in other books, but my dragons have a very specific job to do.

When I wrote yesterday I discussed the Sanctuary of Nine Dragons as well as the caves where the dragons live. I also mentioned that their homes along with the sanctuary were protected by magic shields. There is a very distinct reason why these areas are shielded. And that is because of the function of the dragons.

There are nine dragons that serve or have served as the Dragon Guard. Three of them have gone onto meet their creator, one has defected and five of them serve in the guard as messengers of Asha. They are seen guiding the princes and king in their decisions and life choices. They communicate directly with Asha and unless there is a serious issue that Asha choses to deal with personally, serve as a conduit between the Humans, Kningrad and Asha.

I also need to mention here that the Kningrad, an elven like people, have a closer relationship with Asha and the dragons than the humans. Their magic like the dragon’s is more powerful because of their relationship to Asha. They are sensitive to magic and can be called on to heal when all other healers have exhausted their talents.

Because of the laws of magic, and that is something I will discuss in another post, there are limitations to how magic can be used. And even the dragons and Kningrad are subject to those rules.

So to protect the Dragon Guards and their mission and to keep evil away magical guards have been placed on Imherp, the Sanctuary and the caves where the ddragons live.

The dragons: Myrria, Alorn, Cielo, Stefano and Dryas until she defects play a very important role in the lives of the characters.


Ultimate Blog Challenge Day 11: A Little About a World with Dragons


Prompt for today: Write about a kingdom with dragons.

So maybe a little bit of background: In the land of Ramajadin there are four countries: Crato and Mahorg are where the humans live. Grilwood is where the Mantion, a dwarflike race live and Imherp is where the Kningrad, an elflike race, live.

North of the countries of Crato and Imherp in the Anna Mountains is the Sanctuary of Nine Dragons. The Dragons of Asha do not live here but further in the mountains are caves beneath the volcanoes in the mountain range.

The dragons inhabit caves beneath the volcanoes, a place where the humans and Mantion do not know the exact location. Only the Kningrad have a vague idea, but even they don’t know exactly. And only a select few can get into the dragon lairs because of magical shields that have been put in place to keep unwanteds out.

The Sanctuary of Nine Dragons is retreat for the humans, Kningrad and Mantions and dragons. It is near the lairs and the capital city of Imherp. Besides being a place of retreat it is also a gathering place for all, but again you don’t stroll into the sanctuary. You have to be invited or know the magic to create an opening in the shields. It also serves as a place where Asha meets with the dragons and other disciples.

In the book; Sanctuary of Nine Dragons, King Joachim is in a dark place in his life, in danger of losing everything he holds dear, his throne, his family and even his life if he doesn’t make some changes. It is strongly suggested that he go to the Sanctuary of Nine Dragons. Myrria takes him to the sanctuary and helps him find his way back.

Later near the end of the book most of the characters gather at the sanctuary to recover from the previous conflicts in their lives.

So how do I describe the Sanctuary. In my mind it is whatever the person or dragon needs at the time. Here is an excerpt from Sanctuary of Nine Dragons of what Joachim encountered when he went to the sanctuary:

They landed in the Dragon Amphitheater. The last time Joachim had been here was after his escape from the Palace of Three Crosses; even then, he had not been in this part of the sanctuary. Now, like then, the surrounding sights awed him. Its simplicity and beauty made the Palace of Twelve Pillars seem ostentatious and overdone. He could feel Asha… There was no need for gaudy décor.

Alorn greeted them as an amethyst-colored mist oozed from beneath the throne and filled the space. Joachim looked around, confused and frightened, until his gaze came to rest on the crystal throne where Asha sat. The Being resembled a human but was unlike anyone Joa had ever encountered. Theodric, his father, came to mind. But, if Theodric instilled love and peace, warmth and understanding, everything children need and want in their fathers, this Being was even more so.

Joachim felt more at home and at peace than he had in a long time.

“Welcome, my son. I am so happy you have come.”

The Being’s deep, soft voice washed soothingly over him. Joa kneeled down on one knee. “Asha, my Lord,” he said, reverently.

Asha rose, floated to the king, and tapped him gently on the forehead. “No need to bow. Stand up and walk with me. I will take you to a place where you may change and rest. Later, I will bring you some food, and we can talk.”

“But, Master, should we not start now?”

“No. After your long journey you must rest. There is plenty of time to talk and learn later.”

Joa and Asha arrived at a human-size room. Joachim worried his companion would not be able to fit into such a small place. Without any visible changes, the essence of all that was Asha filled the room, and yet, Joa still felt comfortable, at home, like this was where he belonged.

“Rest, my son. For tomorrow we will have much work to do.” The essence dissipated easily, like the clearing of heavy fog, and soon the king was by himself. Joa realized how alone and scared he had felt for so long…as if he did not belong…like he was unworthy. Then he looked outside at the garden and saw blooming rosa bushes similar to his mother’s. He inhaled their rich fragrance, and instantly, peaceful memories from his childhood came flooding back. Joa sat down on a stone bench and truly relaxed, for the first time in years, to the sounds of a trickling brook and birds singing.

Here is another description a little later during his stay:

He nudged the little mare to a gallop and left behind the pleasantness of the meadow for the darkness of the forest beyond. As he neared the boundary between the two, fear and anger replaced all feelings of peace and safety. He stopped the mare at the edge of the forest.

I am not worthy. I do not belong in this place.

Evil pulled him forward. His resistance decreased as he approached the brink. Within minutes, the inky-darkness of the forest encompassed him. Naked branches brushed his cheeks like living fingers grasping for anything that dared enter their domain. Dry, dead leaves crunched under his horse’s hooves, and the sky above him held no soft singing of birds or quiet sounds of animals. He squinted, trying to see his way through the tall tree trunks, standing like sentinels protecting whatever lay beyond. Perspiration dripped down his back, and he shivered from the pervasive dampness. He tried to turn the mare and return to the meadow. Sweat beaded Joa’s forehead as the horse pranced, side stepped, and finally reared throwing him to the ground.

The king stood up and watched the steed gallop away. He tried to catch her, but malevolent powers emanated from the cold ground. The darkness slithered its way through him and froze him in place. It was like he had turned to stone. The roaring in his cranium increased, until all good, beautiful thoughts fled. A force pushed him from behind, and he fell forward, his head thumping on the damp ground. Snow fell about him as he cowered beneath a soaring glingkol tree. Any hope, any light, any good thing he had felt fled before the encroaching darkness. A loud deep roar shattered the crushing silence, and Joachim hesitantly lifted his head.

So as you can see the Sanctuary reflects the emotions and actions of the being who is there.