Ultimate Blog Challenge Day 6: The Malevolent Dragon




Prompt: Write about a malevolent dragon.

Like humans, dragons have personalities and can be led in the wrong direction. A case in point: Dryas and Tatsu.

I don’t know these two dragons as well as I know say Myrria and Alorn. Dryas and Tatsu tend to be antagonists in my books. But how did they get that infamous title. Tatsu made his transformation to evil before I was introduced to him. Dryas on the other hand; I watched her transform from a good dragon working for Asha to spread and protect his word. Dryas serves as a double agent in all the books. She is one of Myrria’s sisters’ and Tatsu’s mate.

Before I forget, there are two dragons that I haven’t mentioned (well there are several, that you will meet in later posts). But one that needs to be introduced before I continue and that is Alyrria. She is one of the many offspring of Myrria and Alorn. The other is Bjorn who is the offspring of Tatsu and Dryas.

So in the early books Tatsu is the antagonist, and Dryas the double agent. Although I am not sure that is the proper term, she tends to flip flop her allegiances on a whim. At the beginning of the Twelve Pillars trilogy she is with her sister Myrria and the other dragons of Asha. At some point lured by Tatsu, who has already turned to evil, she becomes his mate. Even later after the dragons come to Earth we see her and Tatsu having a family and even later we see her back in the throes of the Dragon Guard, the dragons that are with the Creator.

As for Tatsu and later Bjorn, they appear to be evil all through the books, although I do know that Tatsu was once a part of the nine dragons of Asha until lured by empty promises from Sidramah,turned to the side of evil. We never see his transformation and he remains enslaved to Sidramah and later Satan throughout the series. He and Dryas have many offspring in their time together, one of them being Bjorn. Of course with Bjorn being the son of Tatsu, he never experiences the graces of Asha and the Creator, so grows up to be just like his father, maybe even worse.

So what about Alyrria, what’s her role in this tome. She is Myrria and Alorn’s daughter. As sometimes happens, even though she is raised exposed to the Creator, as a young impressionable teenager she is led astray by Bjorn and temporarily becomes his mate. Bjorn being the evil being that he is, abuses her and keeps her chained up. She has two children by him. Later with the help of the Dragon Guard and Bjorn’s younger brother, Kachi, who has also been abused by his brother,  Alyrria escapes.

So I guess it all goes back to Tatsu and Dryas: What made them turn to evil?

Satan/Sidramah can be very persuasive when they sense a weakness or a dissatisfaction in someone. He will play on those and twist them into lies, make the dragon think that he offers something better, something Asha/the Creator doesn’t. He carefully draws them in until he has them in his thrall. Sometimes the victims are strong enough to pull themselves away, like Alyrria and sometimes Dryas. Other times they are blinded by the evil ones promises and become slaves, like Tatsu and Bjorn, (although Bjorn’s fate is still up in the air).

So I guess that’s a lot of names and history, so tomorrow I will go back to Myrria and explore what she would have at a tea party.


DragonKnights: Resurrection


Here is another excerpt from Dragon Knights: Resurrection


A jade colored dragon, Tatsu. flew over the city of Sychar. Satan had brought him here from his home planet of Ramajadin. From what he could see the people here seemed even more backward than the people and races from his home. He shook his head and roared as he reminded himself that Ramajadin was no longer his home. Instead this backwards planet was the place he would call home.  From the looks of things and what he had been able to ascertain in his short time here this people would be much easier to bring to Satan and ultimately enslave for his own evil purposed. He roared again as he flew in front of the sun. He watched the little people look to the sky and then run in fear into their little houses. It would be so easy to burn those flimsy buildings and kill the people, but that’s not what he was supposed to do. Instead he saw a stable and a lone cow. His stomach rumbled. It had been days since he had last eaten. One more roar, a blast of white hot flame and the stable was gone and the cow cooked to perfection. It was not enough but it was a beginning. He would need to find some more of these cows. His and Dryas’s eggs would be hatching soon and they would be hungry.

He swooped down and gobbled the cow in one large bite. Then flew off toward the caves in the mountains above Galilee.


Naftili walked back to the house. As he walked through the outskirts of town he felt someone grab him and pull him behind the house.

“What are you doing Naftili? Why are you chasing that Jew? Did your father not tell you to stay away from him?” It was old Jacob.

“Yes, Rabbi.” But you have heard him speak. Have you listened to him?”

The Rabbi released him. “Yes, yes I have. And I know how you feel. I want to hear more I want to be with Jesus all the time, but the Torah forbids us spending time with Jews. You should obey your father until we can figure out a way to do this thing.”

“Yes Rabbi Jacob, I know you are right, but the pull is so strong.”

“I know my boy. You go home tonight. Tomorrow come back and then we will find a way to see this Jesus.”

“All right I will do as you say. Until tomorrow and then we will find a way.”

Tell your father that the Rabbi wants to see you. He is a good man your father and you should not disobey him.

Good night Rabbi Jacob.

Good night Naftili.

He slowly walked the few blocks back to the house. It had been a strange evening and he was not sure what to think.

When he arrived he washed up again and went in the house and right to his bed. Abba must have been in the barn, because he did not see him in the house as he snuck through. His mother brought him some food. As he ate he thought about Jesus and Andrew and the other apostles. He thought about all the things Jesus said and about being introduced to Jesus by Andrew. How could these simple men be as bad as the townspeople said they were? They did not seem any different than his family. If only he could understand adults, but then again if he did understand them then he might never have gone to listen to Jesus.

He woke early the next morning before his father and rushed out to the barn to tend his chores and make up for missing work from yesterday. He thought about Imma and Abba and the townspeople and how tough things had been since Abba had been ill and Gavrielle had been taken. He felt bad for disobeying his father, but even in the cold light of dawn he still felt a strong pull to be near Jesus, to hear what he had to say.

When he finished his chores he cleaned up and went into the house. His mother was up and making their small breakfast and father must have been out doing some chores. He was not sure how he had not seen him, but figured he must have gone out while his back was turned. He sat down and table the bread and pheasant eggs that Imma had prepared.

“Imma, Rabbi Jacob had asked me to meet him this morning. He has something he wants to show me.”

“All right you may go if you have finished your chores.”

“Yes, Imma. Where is Abba? I did not see him when I was outside doing my chores.”

“He went to the caves. One of the sheep was giving birth and in trouble. Go on ahead and meet Rabbi Jacob.”

“Be back in time for dinner.”

“Yes Imma.”

Naftili scurried off to meet Rabbi Jacob. He was excited and hoped the Rabbi had a plan so they could listen to Jesus speak again. When he arrived at the temple the rabbi was nowhere to be found. His excitement quickly deflated like a balloon. He asked the baker if he had seen the rabbi. He responded that he had not seen the old busybody all morning, but if he did he would let Naftili know. Naftili walked away kicking at the stones on the hard packed earth of the road. He was not at all sure what to do now. He would go and find father and see if he could be any help with the sheep. as he walked up the hill to the cave he saw the crowd gathering again by the lake. He knew father was near and he dare not follow the crowd.

He continued to the cave. He saw his father coming out of the cave and ran to him. “Abba is everything all right. How are the sheep and the new lamb?”

“Yes they are fine. That Jewish man you are so enamored with and some of his followers came in early this morning with their herds and when he saw our distress they offered to he help us. He saved the lambs.”

“There was more than one.”

“Yes the ewe had triplets. Usually if there is more than two one will die. Yet this man, this Jew managed to save the third one and even convince the mother to care for all three.”

“But why would he help you? You are not a Jew.”

“I do not know Naftili. All I do know is that when I needed help he was there and he helped. Now we can go home to you mother and celebrate.”