Ultimate Blog Challenge: Day 17: Lost Dragons


Prompt: Write about the person dispatched to find the last, lost dragon.

Yesterday I talked about the Earth dragons and the Ramajadin dragons. If you remember I mentioned that the Earth dragons because of human interference have lost their ability to communicate with humans and the Creator. There are a few who still have that spark and the dragons from Ramajadin have come to Earth to find those dragons.  Adraya, Myrria’s twin sister has been on Earth, while Myrria continued her work on Ramajadin. She  is trying to locate the dragons with the spark so when Myrria and the others arrive they can fan the fire to create a bonfire for the Creator. Adraya has made no human connections, so that is one of the jobs that Myrria will pursue when she arrives.

Naftili and Chana, two Samaritan children, that Alorn rescues from Roman persecution become the humans, who will aid in finding the other dragons and establishing the Dragon Knights, a group of dragons and humans that are disciples of God here to protect and spread the Word of God.  With the help of a Roman centurion, and two dragons; Alorn, of Ramajadin and, Sebastian of Earth, Naftili will be dispatched to find the dragons.

Although Alorn can sense a dragon that might have the spark, Sebastian and Naftili being from Earth are better able to communicate with any dragons that may be found.

Naftili goes through a wide range of emotions as he sets out on this mission. The first and most prominent is his jealousy of his sister, Chana. First she is a woman and appears to be receiving a higher rank than him in the Dragon Knights. Second he is sent off with the Roman Centurion whom he doesn’t trust because he is a Roman.  Naftili is an angry young man who will be lured by the evil dragons who have come to Earth with the same purpose as Myrria and the others, that is to find dragons and humans to bend to their will. So a frustrated Naftili will be tempted by Tatsu and Dryas to leave his sister and the Dragon Knights to throw his hat in with the evil ones.


Writing these recent posts has helped me decide on one of my goals for 2018. The goals because of this challenge have morphed from the original ones. My main goal for this year is now to finish writing the story that I have been describing in this post. Originally I thought I was working on a sequel to the Twelve Pillars trilogy, but doing these posts and taking an online course from Yale University about the history of Christianity has reignited my spark for this series of books that have been in the works for a couple of years. I thought the characters from Twelve Pillars were calling for a sequel, but when I sat down to work on it the story was just beyond my reach. So I have decided to set it aside for a while and focus on the Disciples series. I am sure that one day I will return to the Twelve Pillars sequel, but I need to take this time and redirect my focus. And the dragons will still be a part of the story, because if you have read any of my posts this last seventeen days you will realize that the dragons are the one unifying element that ties both series’s together. It seems as if the dragons will be part of my life for a long time to come.


Ultimate Blog Challenge: Day 16: Earth Dragons-vs- Ramajadin Dragons

Today is Appreciate a Dragon day, so of course I have to write about dragons.


I’m not sure if I mentioned it before, but I am acquainted with two different types of dragons: Those of Earth and those that came from Ramajadin.

The ones I know best are the ones from Ramajadin. These dragons, which include Cielo, Myrria, Alorn, Adraya, Tatsu and Dryas came from Ramajadin to Earth in the early days of Christianity to protect and spread the faith. These dragons along with all dragons on Ramajadin could communicate with humans and were very much a part of human daily life.

Unlike their Ramajadin  counterparts, the dragons of Earth, although once having a similar connection with humans, have long since lost that connection as well as their connection with the Creator. Humans feared them and didn’t have enough knowledge about them so they hunted and killed the dragons until they were nearly extinct. The few that survived this extermination went to caves beneath volcanoes or the depths of the oceans and hid from the humans. As time passed and the older dragons died off some of the younger dragons would come out of hiding. At times some of these dragons were captured and enslaved by humans, or used for scientific experimentation.

A few of the dragons managed to maintain their connection to the Creator, however small and one of the missions of the Ramajadin dragons is to find this small spark and figure out how to fan it into flames. One of these dragons and the only one that has revealed himself to me at this point in time is Sebastian. He is a young dragon that has been captured by the Romans and is used  by them in gladiatorial contests and public spectacles in the hippodromes and amphitheaters. That is where Adraya will find him and attempt to rescue him and develop his connection to the Creator and the humans.

So that’s a little bit of the background on my dragons. Their stories are many and differed and it would take pages to tell you all of them. I will go into their stories later when time allows as well as the dragon in question. For today I will end here and go hug my dragons.

I suggest you take my lead and go find a dragon to hug. They are so very loyal and loving if you are on their right side. Just don’t get on their bad side unless you want to be toast, but it is easy to be on the right side of the dragon. They make great friends.