Dragon Knight: Resurrection


Jesus went up on the mountain and there he sat down with his disciples. The Jewish feast of Passover was near. When Jesus raised his eyes and saw that a large crowd was coming to him, he said to Philip, “Where can we buy enough food for them to eat?” Philip answered him, “Two hundred days’ wages worth of food would not be enough for each of them to have a little bit. One of his disciples Andrew the brother of Simon Peter said to him, “There is a little boy here who has five barley loaves and two fish: but what good are these for so many?” Jesus said, “Have the people recline.”

Naftili and his father had traveled to the Sea of Galilee to trade some wool with and put some on ships bound for Chorazin and points north. They had stopped in Bethsaida to purchase some food for their journey home. Several Jews spotted them and began to harass them. Naftili was confused. He knew Abba had told him to stay away from Jews and that they were different and that their faith was the true one. But these people did not seem any different from them at least they did not look any different. It did not make any sense. So they found a Samaritan who would sell them some barley loaves and fishes and began their journey back to Sychar and home. While walking they came across a loud large group of people listening to a man speak. Abba wanted to hurry past, but Naftili was walking slowly and listening.

“Naftili, come on If we wish to get out of here before dark you must hurry.”

“But, Abba, is not that the man who was in Sychar last year. Did he not forgive Mary? I want to stay and listen to him. I like hearing what he says.”

“No we cannot stay, besides he is a Jew.”

“Wait father. There is a crowd gathering by the lake Jesus is speaking. Can we go and listen to him for a little while. Mother is not expecting us till dinner.”

“Yes I suppose we can he. Just do not tell Rabbi Jacob.”

Naftili laughed. “What is so funny son?”

Naftili pointed at the crowd. Standing on the very edge was Rabbi Jacob.

Well I guess we need not keep it from him. Let us join him and see what this Jewish teacher has to say.”

They could hear the seagulls squealing on the shore and the wind gently blowing through the palm trees as they approached and found a rock sandy spot to sit and listen.

Rabbi Jacob looked at the pair and raised his eyebrows in surprise. “Welcome Joseph and Naftili. And what are you doing here.”

Joseph and Naftili laughed as they got comfortable on the ground. Father cleared his throat. “We could ask you the same question. It appears as if we all have an interest in hearing this man speak.”

Rabbi Jacob nodded and winked at Naftili. “See I told you it would work out if your obeyed your father.”

Naftili nodded and smiled. Things had worked out and hopefully his father would be as excited by Jesus as he already was.

Jesus voice pulled him in. He could sit and listen to him speak all day. What he said made sense. But he was a Jew and Abba said that the Jews were wrong and to stay away from them. But he felt drawn to this man to the things he said. Could father be wrong, could the rabbis and teachers be wrong? What was so wrong with the Jews anyway? Naftili quieted his mind and listened as Jesus spoke of love and forgiveness. This did not sound wrong.

Before he knew it was early evening. HIs stomach grumbled and the crowd of about five thousand was getting restless. One of Jesus’s followers was trying to figure out a way to feed all these people. Naftili was not sure how they could do that. Jesus would have to send all these people home, but some of them had travel a long way and needed ford before they could travel.

Just then one of the man’s followers approached Naftili.

“Hello, greetings, I am Andrew. I see you have some food and it is getting late in the day. Could you possibly share your meager meal with the master he has been speaking to the crowds all day and is very hungry?”

Naftili looked to his Abba. “Abba, what do you think, can we share with the teacher.”

“Only a few loaves of bread and some fishes. That will not be enough but you can have it.”

“Come with me, so the master can bless your humble offering. Although I agree it will not be enough.”

Abba hesitated and then nodded. “We would not get much further today and can get more food tomorrow.”

Andrew the apostle led them to where the master sat with his other followers. Naftili handed the food to Jesus. But Jesus refused to take it and instead insisted that Philip and Andrew distribute it to the people “Master, this boy has offered to share his food. I am sure it is not enough for the crowd, but at least you may eat.”

Jesus looked at him. then the apostles. “No Andrew! Take the loaves and fishes and distribute them to the people. I will eat when they have all been fed.

“But Master there is not enough.”

“Just do as I asked.”

Andrew nodded and the other eleven stood and began to distribute the food.

Naftili knew the food would not feed this whole crowd and tried to object but the master just winked at him as the disciples passed out the food.

They never seemed to run out and soon all the people seemed to have something to eat and the men collected leftovers.

When they returned they were amazed along with Naftili that there had been more than enough. They carried with them several baskets with leftovers. Now Naftili knew he had to listen to this man Jesus for something miraculous had just happened when all had doubted there had been more than enough.

He and his father sat down with Jesus and the others and listened to Jesus speak. Even though they were the same scriptures the Rabbi read at temple, Jesus made them sound different and interpreted them different, they were so full of love and peace.

Soon it was night and Jesus and his disciples left to pray and make camp. The rest of the people, Naftili estimated at least 5 five thousand settled in small groups and built campfires to keep warm through the night. Abba was not sure what to do. Naftili could tell he had been impressed by Jesus and the things he said, but still did not feel comfortable staying here with so many Jews about. They got as far away as they could without actually leaving the hillside. when Philip came up to them. “The Master knows of your distress and has invited you to rest in our camp for the night. Then you can resume your journey in the morning.”

Abba accepted the invitation and soon Naftili and his father were settled with the twelve and Jesus. All were tired so there was little talking as each settled down to sleep.

Before he could close his eyes and escape to dreamland Jesus came over to the corner of the field where they had chosen to lie down.

He happily welcomed them and sat down for a moment to share about their experience of the day.

Soon Naftili could no longer keep his eyes open and Jesus sensing how tired he was said good night and went to his own sleeping pallet.

Naftili watched as he bypassed the pallet and went off by himself. I wonder what he is doing.

Abba overheard his whispers and answered. “My guess would be that he is praying. Something we should do, before sleeping.”

“Yes Abba.” The two said their night prayers and settled down for a night’s rest.


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Brandan wants to remind you that there are only five, 5, five days left of the anniversary sale for Palace of the Twelve Pillars: Book One, the first book in the Palace of the Twelve Pillars Trilogy. All three books in the series are half price through May 10. Hurry and get your copies before the price goes back up.


Review: Palace of the Twelve Pillars  palaceoftwelvepillars200x300 (2)

Format:Kindle Edition
Palace of the Twelve Pillars by Christina Weigand is a Christian fantasy tale about two childhood friends who become King of their own land and fall in love with the same woman. King Theodric follows Asha, the God of love and light. King Waldrom follows Sidramah, the God of destruction and evil. Lilia choose to marry King Theodric and become his queen. Together they rule Crato and raise two twin sons, Jaochim and Brandan. The two boys are opposite in personality but are twins who share that special bond to each other.
King Waldrom spends many years nursing his unrequited love for Lilia and plotting his revenge through dark magic. He is determined to have Queen Lilia as well as one of her son’s as his own. Palace of Twelve Pillars begins when Theodric and Lilia’s twin sons, Joachim and Brandan, now fifteen, are focusing on their lessons. Kings Waldrom decides to use the peace summit as the time to begin his revenge. The book follows the capture of one of the boys, as well as the hunt and battle that follows in an attempt to reunite the good family of Crato and restore peace and good will to their kingdom.
King Waldrom, ruler of Mahorg, has spent years practicing his dark magic but his plans go awry when he kidnaps the wrong Prince. The book goes on to tell of the journey of the two princes as they struggle to decide which is the right God and which is a false God, as well as their rightful place in the world. They are both thrown into an intense process of growing, maturing and command.
Along the way, they work with adepts, Kningrad, dragons, wizards and manticores as well as others. This is an interesting work of Christian Fiction, with themes of God vs Evil as well as free will to choose one’s path as they struggle toward maturity. If you are a lover of fantasy and Christian Ficiton, you will enjoy Weigand’s Palace of the Twelve Pillars.
Review: Palace of the Three Crosses palaceofthethreecrosses333x500 (1)
Format:Kindle Edition
Palace of the Three Crosses: Book Two(Palace of the Twelve Pillars)is the continuation of Palace of the Twelve Pillars, the story of brothers Joachim and Brandan, twin princes of Crato who return from battle, with deep hurt and losses. Their father has died and their mother is missing. They are given little time to recover before Joachim is made the King of Crato and Brandon is to be King of Mahorg in an attempt to reunite and restore the Kingdoms after the war. The brothers are continually tested as they struggle to resist the evil that invaded their senses. Maeve is then wed to Joachim and Brandan becomes jealous of their union. Both brothers are still attacked mentally by the evil Sidramah as well as physically by his minions. Brandan is set up by a woman who is actually loyal to Sidramah in disguise. She and her father are looking to use him to gain control of Mahorg. Despite the numerous assaults that pit brother against brother and friend against friend, the twins, along with their loyal leaders, work to follow Asha, who brings goodness and light to the land and the people. Eventually, children come along to raise the stakes even higher to defeat evil and maintain hope, recovery, love and light in the multiple kingdoms. The story continues as they battle rages on emotionally, spiritually and physically in the land.
Book Two is a fast paced, page turning read that has one hoping and reading for Asha to win. The flow is comfortable as one becomes more familiar with the characters and their lands from Book One. Ms. Wiegand seems to urge readers to stay true to their faith despite the struggles and despair we encounter as we go through life. I am looking forward to Book Three, Sanctuary of the Dragons, to learn more of the story, the lives of the twins as well as their heirs and the fight between good and evil.
Review: Sanctuary of Nine Dragons Sanctuary of Nine Dragons 333x500
Format:Kindle Edition
Sanctuary of Nine Dragons: Book Three of the Palace of the Twelve Pillars, by Christina Weigand, finishes the story of brothers, Brandon and Joachim. Joachim’s son is missing and Brandon has been banished from the kingdom. Book Three concentrates on the journey – physically, emotionally and spiritually that the brothers, their wives, their children, friends, and family must undertake to find their loved ones, obtain peace and return health and hope to their land.
This story initially outlines all the evil in the world, orchestrated through Sidramah. However, the characters struggle to remain faithful to Asha, the god of love and light. They are strong in their belief that he will be with them in their ultimate time of need. Sidramah arranges for the flame of Asha to be extinguished, yet those loyal to Asha maintain their faith and continue towards their ultimate goal of reuniting families, kingdoms and all living beings. Sadly, some do not make the journey. Sanctuary of Nine Dragons is not a stand alone book. Although it brings closure to the story, I suggest you start with Book I, Palace of the Twelve Pillars. Begin with the King and Queen, learn about the gods, their loyal dragons and follow the ultimate battle through to the end. The books are fast reading and you will become attached to the characters as they struggle for understanding and deliverance. Enjoyable YA fantasy trilogy.