Ultimate Blog Post Day 12: The Work of Dragons


Prompt: A dragon is kept as a guardian to defend hidden knowledge.

I thought today I would discuss what the dragons do in my books. I am sure that dragons serve other purposes in other books, but my dragons have a very specific job to do.

When I wrote yesterday I discussed the Sanctuary of Nine Dragons as well as the caves where the dragons live. I also mentioned that their homes along with the sanctuary were protected by magic shields. There is a very distinct reason why these areas are shielded. And that is because of the function of the dragons.

There are nine dragons that serve or have served as the Dragon Guard. Three of them have gone onto meet their creator, one has defected and five of them serve in the guard as messengers of Asha. They are seen guiding the princes and king in their decisions and life choices. They communicate directly with Asha and unless there is a serious issue that Asha choses to deal with personally, serve as a conduit between the Humans, Kningrad and Asha.

I also need to mention here that the Kningrad, an elven like people, have a closer relationship with Asha and the dragons than the humans. Their magic like the dragon’s is more powerful because of their relationship to Asha. They are sensitive to magic and can be called on to heal when all other healers have exhausted their talents.

Because of the laws of magic, and that is something I will discuss in another post, there are limitations to how magic can be used. And even the dragons and Kningrad are subject to those rules.

So to protect the Dragon Guards and their mission and to keep evil away magical guards have been placed on Imherp, the Sanctuary and the caves where the ddragons live.

The dragons: Myrria, Alorn, Cielo, Stefano and Dryas until she defects play a very important role in the lives of the characters.


Ultimate Blog Challenge Day 6: The Malevolent Dragon




Prompt: Write about a malevolent dragon.

Like humans, dragons have personalities and can be led in the wrong direction. A case in point: Dryas and Tatsu.

I don’t know these two dragons as well as I know say Myrria and Alorn. Dryas and Tatsu tend to be antagonists in my books. But how did they get that infamous title. Tatsu made his transformation to evil before I was introduced to him. Dryas on the other hand; I watched her transform from a good dragon working for Asha to spread and protect his word. Dryas serves as a double agent in all the books. She is one of Myrria’s sisters’ and Tatsu’s mate.

Before I forget, there are two dragons that I haven’t mentioned (well there are several, that you will meet in later posts). But one that needs to be introduced before I continue and that is Alyrria. She is one of the many offspring of Myrria and Alorn. The other is Bjorn who is the offspring of Tatsu and Dryas.

So in the early books Tatsu is the antagonist, and Dryas the double agent. Although I am not sure that is the proper term, she tends to flip flop her allegiances on a whim. At the beginning of the Twelve Pillars trilogy she is with her sister Myrria and the other dragons of Asha. At some point lured by Tatsu, who has already turned to evil, she becomes his mate. Even later after the dragons come to Earth we see her and Tatsu having a family and even later we see her back in the throes of the Dragon Guard, the dragons that are with the Creator.

As for Tatsu and later Bjorn, they appear to be evil all through the books, although I do know that Tatsu was once a part of the nine dragons of Asha until lured by empty promises from Sidramah,turned to the side of evil. We never see his transformation and he remains enslaved to Sidramah and later Satan throughout the series. He and Dryas have many offspring in their time together, one of them being Bjorn. Of course with Bjorn being the son of Tatsu, he never experiences the graces of Asha and the Creator, so grows up to be just like his father, maybe even worse.

So what about Alyrria, what’s her role in this tome. She is Myrria and Alorn’s daughter. As sometimes happens, even though she is raised exposed to the Creator, as a young impressionable teenager she is led astray by Bjorn and temporarily becomes his mate. Bjorn being the evil being that he is, abuses her and keeps her chained up. She has two children by him. Later with the help of the Dragon Guard and Bjorn’s younger brother, Kachi, who has also been abused by his brother,  Alyrria escapes.

So I guess it all goes back to Tatsu and Dryas: What made them turn to evil?

Satan/Sidramah can be very persuasive when they sense a weakness or a dissatisfaction in someone. He will play on those and twist them into lies, make the dragon think that he offers something better, something Asha/the Creator doesn’t. He carefully draws them in until he has them in his thrall. Sometimes the victims are strong enough to pull themselves away, like Alyrria and sometimes Dryas. Other times they are blinded by the evil ones promises and become slaves, like Tatsu and Bjorn, (although Bjorn’s fate is still up in the air).

So I guess that’s a lot of names and history, so tomorrow I will go back to Myrria and explore what she would have at a tea party.