A to Z Challenge: D is for Dragons

So it looks like I am going to devote the rest of this month to finding new, intriguing words for every letter of the alphabet, but I couldn’t let D pass without talking about dragons. If I didn’t I am sure that Myrria and her extended family would have a lot to say. Since I brought up Myrria’s extended family I figured I would show her family tree.

The matriarch is not Myrria as one would think but instead her mother, Cielo is. I’m not sure who the father is, as he has yet to reveal himself.  Stefano is the brother to Cielo. Cielo is the mother to Myrria and her twin, Adraya,  and Dryas  who waivers between the good and bad dragons. I’m sure there are other offspring but as of yet I have not met them.

An offspring of Stefano, and again I am not sure of his paternity is Tatsu. Tatsu and Dryas are on and off mates. They have two offspring that I know of and they are Bjorn and Kachi.

illustration of mythology creature, dragon

Myrria is mated to Alorn. They have three offspring that I am aware of, Alyria, Roethlys and Fred.

Adraya is mated to Sebastian, a dragon from Earth that has lost touch with his magical abilities and God. They have no offspring yet.

Myrria’s daughter, Alyrria is kidnapped by Tatsu’s son Bjorn, and he mates with her. They have two offspring, Lila and Ellis.

In one of my current w.i.p’s some new dragons have come on the scene. I don’t know these ones to well yet, but am hoping to learn more about them in the future.

They are Arabella and Brynioth as well as Rhosalth and Tuelonth.

So that is my dragons as they currently stand. New dragons are always coming on the scene and wanting a part in the stories.


Sir E. Robert Smythe and the Galactic Safety Council


Up until now I have shared with you things about my dragons and the books of Palace of the Twelve Pillars trilogy. I kind of felt that maybe this was the time to talk a little bit about my Middle-grade series.  About two years ago I approached a gentleman about taking a series of children’s scripts and aging them up to middle-grade. I felt that since I was writing young adult, writing middle grade would be easy. I quickly realized when I started working on this new series that middle grade is definitely different from writing young adult. I won’t go into all the differences here, just know that there was a slight learning curve. Today I sent the last query for the sixth book in the series to the publisher for consideration. It has been an exciting challenge to write for people in this age group.

Although many of the characters had already been created, I felt one more was needed. So I created Sir E. Robert Smythe. He is the Chief Safety Ambassador for the Galatic Safety Council from the planet Gwill. He works with Queen Sage and an array of characters that come to Earth to help children navigate their way through many of the social issues plaguing today’s society.

Sir E. Robert  helps  boys and girls between the ages of 12 and 14, deal with school bullies, homeless people, death of a loved one, rich girl vs. poor girl, self esteem issues, suicide, arts vs. sports and A.D.H.D.

Someone once asked me why do kids need fantastical creatures to guide them through life? Don’t the parents do that? At the time I was so upset that I could not formulate an answer. ( A problem I frequently have when in a confrontational situation). Looking back on that evening from this point of having finished six books with these characters, I think I finally have a partial answer. So here it is: This is a very unique age group. These kids are on the verge of teen years where they become more responsible for their decisions and yet they are at a point that they still want their parents to give them all the answers. They don’t want to listen to their parents and yet they are  in a place where adults are still needed. The fantastical creatures of the Gwill create an atmosphere for these young people to begin to formulate the person that they will grow into, provide gentle guidance while still giving the preteen room to make their own choices.

Anyway that’s what the series is all about. Two of the books are published: Sir E. Robert Smythe and the School Bully and Sir E. Robert Smythe and the Lost Detective. The remaining four books are with the publisher with plans of releasing them over the next few years.

God willing these books will serve to help 8-12 year-olds become aware of social issues and find a way to navigate their way through them.


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