V and W are for Variegated and Wonderful

11035308_10204044184011915_5472305121989145662_o V and W are for Variegated and Wonderful.

Actually my title is a little misleading today. I have many more W words that I intend to use in this post. Today is the fourteenth birthday of my youngest daughter, Anastasia Elizabeth.Fourteen years ago she entered our lives and things haven’t been the same since. She is a variegated, wonderful, warmhearted, whimsical young woman who can wheedle just about anything out of her father and I. She is the youngest of my four children and was born almost seventeen years after her older sister, when we were inches from empty nest. It would be an understatement to say she turned our world upside down. From the beginning we had to relearn everything we thought we knew about raising children. Even now on the brink of adulthood she still challenges my ideas and methods. She is the same as and totally different from her brothers and sister. She is my youngest of four and yet and only child. She is rewriting the book.


Ana is part of my muse. If not for her I may have never picked up my pen again and continued writing after so many years of pursuing other things. Thank you God for sending this variegated, wonderful, warmheared, whimsical, young woman into my life.

Happy Birthday Ana.



U is for Uproot

U is for Uproot. For the first fifty years of my life I stayed in pretty much the same place, except for a few months in North Carolina right after I got married, I spent the rest of the time in Pennsylvania. Then in the last ten years I have been Uprooted twice.

Although it has been challenging to make a new life for my family, it has also been rewarding. My husband, youngest daughter and myself have learned to make friends and build an un-blood related family and adapted. I can’t say for sure that my writing would not have found me if I had stayed where I was; the seeds were already planted. But moving across the country certainly did not hinder the process, in fact I think it gave me and my work the water and food it needed to grow. I had been so protected, not having to step out of the secure family bubble that we had built, when suddenly that was gone. I had to start almost from scratch. But I did it and I flourished.

Then the decision to uproot and move back to PA from the beautiful state of Washington. Yes we were moving back to family connections and the few friends that we had before we left, and my husband’s business network could be tapped into. We quickly discovered that in the 5 1/2 years that we lived in Washington, things had not stood still in Pennsylvania. Our families had grown and had lives without us. Friends and family hadn’t stagnated while we were gone. So although the framework was still there, we had to rebuild. It has been a challenge, but we are muddling through and it hasn’t been all bad or all good. There are many days when I thank God for prompting us to move back. We still miss the great friends that became our family. That is something that will never go away, but on the bright side we now have people to visit on the west coast.

So as I look back on our lives, Uprooting is something I recommend. Change creates the fertile soil to expedite new and wonderful opportunities if you are open to the possibilities.