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I did not read 50 Shades of Grey or see the movie and I have no intention to do so. I do not feel justified in writing a review or ranting about since I haven’t. What I will do is offer some alternatives. These books are written by Catholic authors and are excellent reads

Linda Rawlins: For a good clean mystery take a look at Rawlins books; The Bench, Fatal Breach and Sacred Gold. Check out her website:

Regina Doman: Doman takes us into the fairy tales in a whole new way: The Shadow of the Bear, Black as Night, Walking Rose, The Midnight Dancers, Alex O’Donnell and the Forty Cyberthieves. For something a little bit different you can check out her Catholic Philosophers Chick. Check out her books at

Karina Fabian: Fabian puts together fantasy and mystery in her Dragon Eye: P.I. series including: Magic, Mensa and Mayhem, Live and Let Fly and Greater Treasures. And for something a little different you can check out her Mind Over Trilogy, including Mind Over Mind, Mind Over Psyche, and Mind Over All (being written). Check out her website for all her books and updates.

Kevin T. Rush: Rush relatively new to the writing scene has written a compelling  Christian Historical The Lance and the Veil. His book can be seen at

Of course I can’t do this post without including my own books Palace of the Twelve Pillars Trilogy including Palace of the Twelve Pillars: Book One, Palace of the Three Crosses: Book Two and Sanctuary of Nine Dragons: Book Three. 

“I challenge anyone who complained about 50 shades of anything to now spend some time and energy promoting entertainment that is true, beautiful and good.”

For more alternatives check out Erin Cupp’s blog

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