Sanctuary of Nine Dragons


Okay it is official. Today I started on the final book of the Twelve Pillars trilogy entitled Sanctuary of Nine Dragons. I don’t have a word count because I wrote by hand, but I did get 7 pages written. In this book of course Brandan is up to his old tricks and Joachim is always finding ways to stop him. I’m pretty sure there will be at least one battle as we watch Joachim and Brandan mature. Of course there will be a few new characters, most noticeably the twins Princess Enit and Prince Aaron, along with their friends Tomas, Ciara and Gorou. And I can’t forget the newest bad guy, Governor Yukio, governor of the prison island of Hyogo. Oh and one other thing, there will be a few new dragons, both good and bad and they will be taking a more prominent role in this book along with the new lands of Hyogo and the Sanctuary of Nine Dragons on the edge of Freiburg.

I won’t let on about too much more, just know that if you have read Aaron’s Revenge, you know part of the story line. However there is so much more and I can’t wait for you all to see it. But you will have to read Palace of Twelve Pillars and Palace of Three Crosses first.  I’ll keep you updated on the progress. A little hint: My other half a brain and I have set a finish date of June 11. So hop on for a wild ride. Brandan and Joachim are calling.

God Bless and Happy Writing,

Christina Weigand

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