Rachel: The Pretty Sister


You must not be envious of your neighbor’s house, or want to sleep with his wife or want to own his slaves, oxen, donkeys or anything else he has. (Exodus 20:17, NAB)


Rachel was a beautiful woman and there is no doubt she and Jacob were deeply in love, but like many of us, Rachel was not satisfied. She wanted more and spent her life trying to get what she did not have.

How many of us know that high school cheerleader, prom queen, the girl that every guy wanted to date. She relied on her looks and talents to get her through life and never developed her faith in God. Has she been happy and successful? What does she have to show at the end of her life?

When things do not go our way, it is so easy to find others to blame. I know a young man who does this a lot. He never wants to admit that he may have had some responsibility in the problems in his life. Instead, it becomes the teacher’s fault, his employer’s fault, or the other person’s fault. Because of this habit, he cannot ask for forgiveness or move forward with his life. On the surface, he appears to be doing okay, but when you look past the walls he has built there is sadness and emptiness in his life that can only be filled when he takes responsibility for his life.

  1. Genesis 29: 9-20

Rachel was a beautiful woman, more beautiful than her older sister was. Jacob fell in love with her at first sight.


  1. Genesis 29: 26-31

Rachel’s father tricked Jacob and he ended up married to Leah instead of Rachel. After Jacob’s anger at the deception, Laban relents and lets Jacob and Rachel wed.


  1. Genesis 30: 1-9

Rachel remains barren while Leah bears children for Jacob. Instead of turning to God, she turns to Jacob and blames him for her lack of sons. She argues with Jacob straining the once love filled relationship. She like Sarah gives her servant to Jacob. Jacob fathers two children who Rachel loves as her own. Through her jealous actions, she has set the stage for strife between Leah and herself, which will last the rest of their lives.


Questions to Ponder:

  1. Am I like Rachel and blame others instead of turning to God to find solutions?
  2. Do I take matters into my own hands instead of waiting on God?
  3. Do I let jealousy become the focus of my actions?


Lord Jesus, help me to find true contentment in an intimate relationship with you. Help me not to rely on my looks or other things of this world and only turn to you for my fulfillment. Amen.

All for the Glory of God,

Christina Weigand

Excerpted from Women of the Bible: A Study by Christina Weigand


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