Practice Forgiveness


As many as seven times? (Matthew 18:21)

When asked Peter responds “seven times.” In Peter’s mind this is more than enough times to forgive. Jesus corrects him with a number many of us cannot comprehend. The reason it is beyond our mind’s reach is because we cannot do it without relying on the Holy Spirit.

It is not in our human nature to forgive, to abandon our anger, our pain. We struggle to show mercy when we want to lash out, vent our anger and frustration.

Start small. Pray for God’s grace to make you willing. Practice mercy.

Question: Do I struggle with forgiveness? What can I do to embrace God’s mercy in my life and learn to forgive as Jesus taught?


Jesus, I know that I have so far to go! Change my heart. Open my eyes to see each chance I have to practice forgiveness today. This I pray through your most forgiving Son, Jesus and His blessed mother, Mary. (Prayer borrowed from The Word Among Us, February 22-April 7, 2012, Meditation for Tuesday March 13.)

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All for the glory of God,

Christina Weigand


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