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So new year and new goals or maybe similar goals different year. Of course continuing and improving my writing, my health and my spiritual life are the big goals that remain the same, but it is in the details that things differ.

TheTwelvePillarsbundleAs I think I mentioned in a previous post (if I haven’t I offer my apologies) the Palace of the Twelve Pillars trilogy books are slowly coming to print. The first one Palace of the Twelve Pillars is already available. I have approved the final galley for Palace of the Three Crosses and expect it to come to print very soon. I am sure Sanctuary of Nine Dragons will follow shortly. In the process of proofing the galleys the characters that I came to love started making noise about wanting their story continued. I realized how much I loved the characters and that the teens of Nine Dragons wanted to be revisited and have their story told. So in November I started writing a sequel to the trilogy. No spoilers, but Enit, Airyn, Gorou, Tomas and Ciara are facing the biggest challenge of their lives when a long peaceful, pagan, female dominated race begins to stir up trouble and kidnap adepts for their plans to take over the countries of Crato and Mahorg.

New races, new dragons and new lands are expanding the world that you came to know in Palace of the Twelve Pillars trilogy. Be sure to keep checking back to see my progress on this exciting new project. While you are waiting to see what trouble the teens can get into be sure and check out Brandan and Joachim and their adventures.

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And while we’re on the subject of projects, we are still on track  with the Galactic Ambassadors. With the first book released I am looking forward to the print release in the next few months. I’m also gearing up to do the final edits and release the second book Sir E. Robert Smythe and the Lost Detective. Here is a short excerpt:

The girls walked several yards in front of the boys and Bridget yelled to her fifteen year old brother. “Sam, Hunter, hurry up.”

“I guess we better get a move on before Bridget has a cow.” Sam said. “I don’t know why Mom is making me go to this kid thing; we’re too old for it.”

“Don’t be such a spoil sport. We always have fun and get to read exciting books. Besides you like to do detective stuff. That’s what this year is all about,” Hunter said.

“Yeah I hope it isn’t lame kid things.”

“Hey Sam, it’s not lame and I’m not a kid.” Bridget said.

Sam tousled his sister’s curly brown hair. “Maybe not for you squirt, but Hunter and I think so.”

Hunter playfully pushed his buddy. “Hey, don’t count me in on this. I still think its okay.” Hunter said.

Bridget reached up and tugged on one of her brother’s tight red curls before she ran to catch up with Anna. “And I’m not a squirt.”

Bridget couldn’t wait to get started and ran all the way to the library after the carnival to get the first book on the list. She slowed down when they passed Gullies Swamp.

“What are you slowing down for?” Anna asked. “Don’t you want to get the book before Meredith does?” Meredith was in their class at school and always seemed to get everything first.

“But it’s Gullies Swamp. We made a wrong turn. Why didn’t you stop me?” Bridget said.

“Don’t be such a baby Bridget. It’s just a stinky, old swamp,” Sam said.

“Sam, don’t tease her.” Hunter said. “She’s just a kid and our parents did say to stay away from the swamp.”

“Come on Hunter, you don’t believe all those stories about swamp monsters and witches.” Sam said.

“Well no, but the girls do and there has to be some reason why mom and dad said to stay out.”

A low growl rolled out of the swamp and the four children ran quickly down the road.

“Hey don’t run away. Please help me.” A small voice called from the swamp.

Bridget stopped and looked back. “Did you hear that? Someone is in trouble.”

“No way. There’s no one in there. You’re just hearing things.” Sam said.

“Help.” Again, they heard the voice coming from the swamp.

Morton the Morph stood on the edge of the swamp, whispering in Sam’s ear. “Go in. Someone needs help.”

“I’ll go in,” Sam said. “You three wait here.”

“No way. I’ll go with you,” Hunter said. “You girls wait here.”

The girls stood by an ancient weeping willow tree and watched the two boys disappear into the swamp. Panggoes scurried about their feet bouncing around and squealing. Bridget squealed, “Oh how cute,” as she tried to pick one up. It scampered out of her reach into the swamp, and she chased after it.

“No! Bridget! We’re not supposed to go in there,” Anna yelled.

“Go on catch the little guy,” Morton said. “They are always running away.” Morton said.

Bridget ran giggling toward the edge of the swamp when she ran into Sam coming back out. “Hey where are you going, squirt?” Sam said. He put his hands on her shoulders to stop her. “I told you to wait out here for me.” He gently pushed her out of the swamp.

She pushed him back. “Stop it. You’re not the boss of me and you can’t tell me what to do.”

“I may not be, but when Mom and Dad aren’t around I am. You shouldn’t have gone in there.”  Sam said.

“No, you’re not either,” Bridget said. “Come on Anna. Let’s go to the library. I’ve had enough of these guys thinking they can boss us around.”

“Girls!” Hunter said in an exasperated voice. “So what was that voice we heard, anyway?”

Sam shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know. I couldn’t find anything.”

Bridget turned back to her brother. “You should have let Anna and I go in. We would have found it.”

“Yeah, and got yourself hurt or at the very least dirty. You two would have been the ones screaming.”

“No we wouldn’t!” Anna stomped her foot, and strode down the street, with Bridget close behind.

As Anna turned the corner, she thought she saw a small person hiding in the leaves of the weeping willow and felt as if someone or something was following them. She stopped, rubbed her eyes and when she looked again all that stood beneath the tree was one of the panngoes. She figured she had better not investigate since Hunter and Sam were right behind. She would come back later without them and explore further.

Again I will keep you updated on the progress of this book, in the meantime be sure to check out Sir E. Robert Smythe and the School Bully.

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