Naomi: The Loving Mother-in-Law


Then the women said to Naomi, “Blessed is the Lord who has not failed to provide you today with and heir! May he become famous in Israel.” (Ruth 4:14)


Read and contemplate:

  1. Ruth 4: 14-15

Because of Naomi’s unselfish attitudes, God loved her and saw that she had peace and contentment in her life. Even though she was too old and unmarried, God saw to it that she had a child to nourish and who would nourish her in her old age. This son, her grandson by Ruth and Boaz, would be the grandfather of David.



Naomi sacrificed herself for the needs of Ruth. She did it out of love not some fake sense of duty or guilt. God approves of and rewards this type of sacrifice and so it was until the end of Naomi’s life.

Through Naomi, Ruth saw and we are able to see, peace, character and loving kindness. As Ruth did, we can emulate these characteristics and achieve these things for ourselves.



Dear Jesus, help me to see beyond my mind freezing emotions, into the needs of others. Help me to move beyond my selfish needs to help those really in need. Let me be an example of you to the world. Amen.

All for the Glory of God,

Christina Weigand

Excerpted from Women of the Bible; A Study by Christina Weigand

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