NANOWRIMO 2011: Words of Wisdom (Or just words, you decide)

Well the madness has begun. So far I have agreed to be a co-ML, but am relying on the other two to guide me through the month, have been to a great kick-off with lots of great stuff going on, went to a write-in at the local library, again lots of great stuff going on and then hosted an on-line write in last night. I have written 4037 words while encouraging a ten year old to get her stuff together and write 200 words a day, (so far she has only written 200, she is already 200 behind). It may seem like I have things all together. Guess what I don’t have it anymore together than anyone else at this point. Those 4000 words have been like pulling teeth. Soon I will get into the ZONE, but I’m still waiting. So like you all I continue to forge ahead.
When I started I didn’t even know my mc’s name, but that came to me the last night. I now have a  mysterious antagonist that also revealed himself yesterday
Funny as I sit here and try to find some words of wisdoms to share with you that would motivate you as well as me. I contemplate what I have been through and will continue to go through for the rest of the month and I realized that just going through the process spurs the imagination, feeds the flames of imagination or the muse, whichever you chose. But you have to do the work, you have to sit in your chair and your hands on the keyboard or pencil in hand and just do it.
Anyway, my words are escaping me (go figure) so I’m going to give you a little quote from Dorothea Brande, in her book Becoming a Writer:
Say to yourself: “At ten o’clock on Wednesday I will begin to write (the  story),”[or whatever day you plan to start, hopefully you already started on Tuesday] and then dismiss it from your mind. Now and then it will rise to the surface. You need not reject it with violence, but reject it. You are not ready for it yet; let it subside again. Three days will do it no harm, will even help. But when ten o’clock strikes on Wednesday you sit down to work.
Now; strike out at once … (T)ake no excuses, refuse to feel any stage fright; simply start working. If a good first sentence does not come, leave a space for it and write it in later. Write as rapidly as possible, with as little attention to your own processes as you can give. (Taken from James Scott Bell, The Art of War for Writers).
So take her advice and mine as well get you butt in a chair get your favorite pen or keyboard and write. Take courage and jump right in. Write on.
Write On and God Bless,
Christina Weigand
PS: The twins finally let me go, but Myrria won’t let go, so she has a part in this new YA Fantasy.

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