NANO: Day 28


Okay no witty words of wisdom today. I have been in a funny place since Saturday when I hit 50000 words. Not that I don’t want to inspire you or give you any words of wisdom to keep you moving toward the goal. But I find myself strangely lacking those words at this point. The best I can tell you is keep writing, even if you don’t reach 50k you have done something that most people do not do, you have written. You have put your thoughts and ideas on paper in some semblance of order. You have accomplished so much in this month and should be proud.

As previously mentioned I hit my number on Saturday the 26. This has been a strange year for me. I started out not knowing my character or having any ideas for a plot (even though I did the plot workshop) and I spent the first weeks struggling and being afraid that the story would never achieve lift off. As you know at the end of the first two weeks I did achieve it, but then bogged down again when my characters quit talking to me. So in midstream my storyline shifted as I fired my booster rockets and realized I was actually writing two books in a new series and the characters in what will be the first book wanted me to write about them. Needless to say I still struggling coasted into the 50k with different characters than I started with.

Still throughout the up and down tribulations of two stories, I fought through. I kept sitting at the keyboard, visiting the chat room and write-ins, doing word wars and incorporating the challenges till I reached the vaunted number at 5:00 on Saturday November 27, 2011.

For now the stories rest, while I focus on family and projects that I neglected for the last month. Soon the characters will call me to come back, they may have to fight other characters, but a time will come when they win and I pick up their tales and finish them.

The moral of the story: Sit and write. They will come and they won’t let go until the story is finished. But first you have to sit in the chair and write. Keep striving for that goal. It will come.

Now I will sit on the sidelines and cheer you all on. There is still time and I know you can do it.

Happy Writing and God Bless,

Christina Weigand

Myrria’s Journey: The Dragon Knights

Word Count: 50000+

Last Sentence: I will not kill you.

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