NANO: Day 14: It’s all in the cliches


So today I had to write a pep talk since I am one the municipal liaisons for my area, so I thought I would share it here also.

Great we’ve almost reached the halfway point. Many of us have received lift-off some are still struggling.  Here’s a hearty pat on the back for those of you that have reached and surpassed word goals and for those of you who haven’t, a pat on the back for you too. I know you are out there in the trenches (I have seen you) fighting with family and life commitments, but you are doing it. Like I said I’ve seen you in the chat rooms, at the write in’s. Keep your momentum. I know you may be thinking you can’t do this, you will never make the daunted 50000 word point and maybe you won’t but that is no reason to throw in the towel. The first four years I did this, I didn’t make it. In fact in that fourth year I got 49,000 words. Talk about discouraging.

One thing I learned that year (or maybe just reinforced) is it’s not the number; it’s the effort, the discipline, the WRITING. You are making the attempt.

I’ve been posting little inspirations during the past two weeks and I think the one I posted Friday bears repeating here:

It all means little, all the painting, sculpture, drawing, writing… it all has its place and nothing more. An attempt is everything. How Marvelous! (Alberto Giacometti)


This is the time. You have made it this far. Don’t stop now keep moving forward. Make the attempt.

You are making the attempt. We are in the home stretch now. Don’t throw in the towel.  You can reach liftoff. (Sorry for the clichés. I blame NANO. In December I will use less clichés.)

One other little piece of advice: Give yourself permission to take a break. Do not make yourself ill or totally forget your family starving in the dining room. I took yesterday off, watched some football, cheered for a team I wouldn’t normally cheer for, spent some time with family and friends and today I am ready to dive back in and sprint to the end of the month.

See you all at the finish line.

Happy writing and God Bless.

Christina Weigand

Myrria’s Story: The Dragon Knights

Word count: 23271 words

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