NANO Day 11: Inspiration in the most unlikely places


Be willing to wait. In the meantime, write when you don’t feel like it. If you can’t write, read. (Monica Wood, The Pocket Muse)


My story achieved lift-off yesterday. Oh I had the beginnings of the story, but it was limping along. My word count was behind, because of family issues and the fact that Monday through Wednesday are days that I just don’t have the time to dedicate to writing. Thursday, Friday and Saturday are proving to be my big push days, and yesterday held true to form. The real magic started stirring Wednesday in an unscheduled on-line write in. I put up a challenge: The character finds something on the kitchen table that doesn’t belong.


My mc found a sword. I didn’t know why when I wrote it, but hey I could always cut it out later.


Then Thursday comes: Marathon writing day; first sprint around lunchtime after I procrastinated cleaning my office and eating. Time for mc to identify the sword. We have lift off. Unbeknownst to me on Wednesday the sword on the kitchen table was planting plot seeds.  I reached that point that us pansters love, the story took off, the lines started coming together. It was like a volcanic eruption going off in my mind. I was in the zone.


Anyway the moral of the story: Keep on writing, participate in the prompts, the write ins whether on line or in the back room of your favorite library or coffee joint. Because you never know what is going to trigger the launch sequence.


Happy Writing and God Bless,

May you all find the spark that launches your story into the stratosphere.


Christina Weigand

Word count: 20165

New Title: Myrria’s Journey: The Dragon Knights

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