Michal: The Rejected Daughter and Wife



Read and Ponder: 2 Samuel 3: 13-16

Ten years have passed and Michal has been without David and adjusted to life with her second husband, but Saul has died and David is king. David has not been loyal in the intervening years and has taken a couple of new wives. In a demonstration of his position, he demands the return of Michal, not because he loves her but in a political show of his power. Again, Michal is used as property.


Questions to Ponder:

  1. Do I let worldviews and practices influence my emotions and actions?
  2. Do I turn from worldviews and practices and rely on God for what I need?


Lord Jesus, help me to be less like Michal and more like Leah. Help me avoid bitterness and look toward you as I move through painful life events.


For the Glory of God,

Christina Weigand



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