Mariana Thorn is visiting the Dragon’s Lair

A very dear writing friend of mine is dropping by the lair today for a visit. Mariana Thorn’s new book Seizing Darkness is being released today, so she decided to stop by and tell us a little bit about herself and the book.

She is also having a Facebook release party on Friday August 16 6-8 pm pst. Stop in and check it out. Here is the link

Now let us hear a little bit from Marianna.

Seizing Darkness Blurb:



Landing hard, I heard a crunch as the bone in my left forearm snapped beneath me. I didn’t have any time to respond. The damn wolf was trying to rip out my throat with his teeth. I tried to fight back. He was strong. Normally a wolf was no big deal for me, but tonight I had a big disadvantage. I was weaker on the nights I couldn’t shift.

The smoke was filling my lungs and breathing was becoming difficult. We rolled on the ground and the wolf got me by the throat with his hands. He twisted me onto my back and his body pressed me into the cold, frozen ground. His legs pinned my arms to my sides. I couldn’t get the leverage with my feet to push him off.

His fingernails dug into the delicate skin of my neck. The scent of my blood filled my nose. I stared up at the starry sky. It’s not raining, I thought incongruously. I was barely getting any air through his hands clenched around my throat.

I managed to wrench my arms free and began digging at his hands, trying to pry them loose, but with only one working arm it was impossible. I was becoming weaker as I struggled to get air into my aching lungs. My vision started to get fuzzy around the edges.

All of a sudden, the weight of the wolf was lifted off of me. There was a crack and I heard flesh ripping. I was showered in hot, sticky liquid. As I gasped for breath, the scent of the wolf’s blood hit me.

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