Let Go of the Anger: Turn to God

Showered in God's loveWhoever is angry with his brother will be liable to judgement. (Matthew 5:22)

Anger that’s a tough one. Sometimes I can be an angry person and as I’ve gotten older it has become more pronounced. I have always thought of myself as a positive person. I used to say that my husband and I were made to be together because while he was the realist and always seeemed to look to the negative and see the worst possible outcomes I always looked for the best. Years of doing this give and take between us, raising four kids and weathering the storms of life have wrought a not so pretty change in me. Even though I still see the good in things, I am quicker to see the negatives and respond in anger. I have developed a hair trigger, where the slightest comment can send me on a downward spiral into anger and negativity.

This Lent I chose to look for God’s grace instead of sinking into that whirlpool. I will borrow a prayer  from the WORD among us  that was in last night’s devotion.

Jesus you became a man so that I could become like you. I believe in your grace. Lord I ask for your help right now.

We are not meant to travel these storms alone. Instead we should turn to God, lean on the Holy Spirit, hold the hand of Jesus. Acknowledge your faith and turn to God. Do you become angry easily or let your anger pull you in the wrong direction, away from God and toward Satan?

What steps can you take to reverse this trend, to find you strength in God’s grace?

Prayer: Jesus you became a man so that I could become like you. I believe in your grace. Lord, I ask for your help right now.

All for the Glory of God

Christina Weigand

Please share stories of your Lenten journey in the comments.  I am anxious to hear from you.

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