L is for Love; M is for Maeve and Magda

M is for Maeve and Magda, the women in Joachim and Brandan’s lives. Maeve is Kningrad. Her parents are Queen Fiona and King Eyvindur of Imherp. When the twins and Maeve were but infants King Theodric and King Eyvindur pledged their children in marriage to join the kingdoms. At the opening of Palace of the Three Crosses: Book Two we see Maeve Wyrzburg anxiously awaiting the return of the princes from the Battle of Harable Valley. She knows that upon their return it will be decided which prince she will marry and she hopes for Joachim.

Magda is a Mantion, that has cast a magic spell to disguise herself as a human. Her and Melvane/Andrew travel to Wyrzburg for the coronations and wedding of Maeve and Joachim. Magda and Andrew in collusion with the Mantion king are plotting a way to turn Brandan away from his family and Asha and use him to their own evil ends.

And that brings me to L is for Love. I know I’m a little backwards here, but until I wrote the M I couldn’t think of an L. Maeve and Joachim truly love each other and it’s their love for each other, for their family and for Asha that will guide them through the dark times they will face.

Brandan and Magda do not marry for love and never in their relationship does love develop. They both have plans and spells to use each other to achieve their own ends. So I guess they do love something and that’s themselves. Even their relationship to Sidramah  is not one of love but one of a master to a slave.

In Brandan and Magda’s defense they do find love when they forsake Sidramah and turn to Asha, when they learn to forgive and accept forgiveness.But for them it is a long road fraught with peril.


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