I is for Inspiration and Imherp and Grilwood: J is for Joy and Joachim

I should have posted I yesterday and although I knew my book fact I lacked Inspiration for the devotional piece. So today I will do a double post to make up for it.

I is for Inspiration. I get my Inspiration from God. When I travel with Him, when I live in His word then the glory of Him is revealed to me. J is for the Joy I feel  when I am right with God.

I is for Imherp and Grilwood. These are two small countries, Grilwood is located in the northeastern corner of Mahorg. It is home to the Mantion and servant to Sidramah. Imherp is in the northeastern corner of Crato. It is home to the Kningrad and servants of Asha. The dragons make their home in Imherp. The Sanctuary of Nine Dragons is also located in Imherp.

J is for Joachim. Joachim is Brandan’s older twin brother and son to Queen Lilia and King Theodric. He will be kidnapped by the evil King Waldrom and have to chose between following Waldrom’s evil or sticking to his faith in Asha.

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