God Wants to Love You

God wants to love you, plain and simple love you. He wants to be there in the quiet times. He wants to be there in the noisy times.

He takes those quiet times and those noisy times and works in you to make you the person He desires you to be.

What does He want from you? He wants you to yield all to Him, to make the sacrifice of your time, to spend time with Him. When you give yourself to God He will reward you abundantly. All that He has will be yours.

Don’t resist His movement in your life; don’t try to speed it up. Just let God work His magic in your life. Enjoy God’s momentum moving through your life. Sit in the silence, breathe in the Spirit. Hold God’s hand like a child hold’s that of his parent and God’s way will reveal itself to you.

Dear Lord Jesus, most loving and gracious Son of God, and thank you for all the gifts you have given me.  Show me the way to trust you. Let me find you in the silence and let me find you in the noise. Be my guide in this life so I can come to you in the forever. This I ask through your most awesome son, the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

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