God is on the Move

Instead of my usual devotion God has put it on my heart to take a slightly different approach, so here goes.

God has told me, He is on the move.

For the last few weeks we have all been glued to our televisions and computers or whatever device we get our news on, watching things unfold in Egypt and the rest of the Middle East. We have seen Christians protecting Muslims. We have seen Muslims protecting Christians. We watched a people suppressed and denied for thirty plus years, peacefully stand up to their oppressors. Some of those people are the same age as my kids and have never known anything else. Yet all those  Egyptians, young and old alike, without resorting to violence stood up with one God and forced the corrupt regime to take notice and finally listen. They resisted attempts by the government to incite them to violence.

God must have been there in the hearts and minds of those people. He was standing in the peaceful protests. He was there listening to the prayers of the people. He was the strength they needed to withstand and stand their ground peacefully.

God was there and He is on the move. As a result of Egypt’s peaceful revolt, now several other countries are following in their footsteps. Hopefully these others will take to heart the lessons learned and peacefully let God move their hearts.

One other thing I found interesting was a particular fact: 33% of Egypt’s population is under the age of fifteen. Those young people are getting it, but there had to be someone to teach them, to raise them. I think some credit must be given to God and the teachers and parents of these young people. Someone showed these young people how to reach across human boundaries, such as religion and race, and unify to achieve a peaceful purpose. When we give our young people the right message, the right tools, God’s most awesome wonders can and do occur.

As I write this, I see a connection to some recent revelations that I have had myself. This past weekend after years of searching and denying, I finally saw one of God’s purposes for me. This led to the creation of a new mission statement, which can be seen on my last post and will be posted on my blog. The nitty gritty of it though is to be one of the people that give young people those messages and tools so that we can continue to see God’s most awesome wonders.

God is on the move. Wake up and pay attention.

All for the Glory of God,


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