Goals for week of April 17, 2011


I seem to have gotten away from doing this, so I decided I needed to get back on track. Of course I would pick one of the most difficult weeks to do this but c’est la vie.

Anyway here they are:

3-6 devotions- As you may have noticed I am doing the a-z challenge for the month of April and including the challenge in my devotion writing. Made writing a little more difficult and challenging. (Hmm sounds like the goal of a challenge) Anyway I say 3-6 because it all depends on the way the letters take me.

Continue with edits and revisions on Twelve Pillars and Three Crosses as the suggestions present themselves.

I finally started Nine Dragons yesterday, so my goal for the week since it is Holy Week and I won’t have as much time to devote to writing is to write 5000 words for Nine Dragons.

So there you have it. I’ll pop in next week and let you know how things went.

Happy Writing and God Bless,

Christina Weigand


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