Goals and Updates 3/19/2011

I haven’t updated anyone in a while about my writing progress. So I decided this was the time, since my dry erase board needed updating also.

Ufortunately, I didn’t take a photo of my original goal board, so you’ll just have to trust me on that. I am putting up my new one so you can see what I see everyday as I sit at my desk and work. I will be checking in with my accountability partner and other half of brain Darlene just to make sure I’m on track.

One thing to not note as you look at my goal board is the artistry. I may consider myself an artist and have done some drawing, but a straight line is not one of my strengths. (so no notes about crooked lines.)

Oops, Sorry that’s Ana’s foot. Must have grabbed the wrong photo.

Okay so here is the real one:

You can see most of my goals get me to June, with a few taking me to the end of the year. Some of the dates are set in stone, like writing Bjorn’s Revenge. Others are end dates that can be changed if they have to be. Like revisions and submittals on 12 Pillars, since the progress at this point in time is not all up to me, but in the hands of a copy editor, Sharon, who is doing a wonderful job of helping to make my words sing. 3 Crosses is going through the critique process and though I have a little more control, I don’t have total control.

Of course everything is in God’s hands and He could make me see things in a different way at any given time, but for now you get the gist.

So for those of you not as visual, I’ll put the goals and updates into the written word.

Palace of Twelve Pillars: Currently visiting my lovely copy editor, Sharon. She has completed her edits and suggested changes and is emailing them back to me. I then look at her suggestions and decided whether or not to incorporate them in the novel. Not sure how long this will take.

Palace of Three Crosses: Story is finished now in the edit revise phase while visiting my critique group.

Insert Drum Roll here.

Palace of Nine Dragons: This is the title for the third book in the the Twelve Pillars trilogy. As I explained in a previous post this one will include Aaron’s Revenge along with continuing to follow the story of Brandan and Joachim. Those boys along with their entourage of secondary characters decided that their story couldn’t end at the finale of Three Crosses, hence the swallowing of Aaron’s Revenge. Aaron’s Revenge has now become a teaser, just like it was for me.

Myrria’s Legacy & Bjorn’s Revenge: Funny story here: My daughter, Ana, the one who’s foot you saw earlier, decided to do a book report on Myrria’s Legacy even though it isn’t published. Her teacher approved it and even wants to read the book after Ana. In the process she also started writing Bjorn’s Revenge, the sequel to Myrria’s Legacy, a book we agreed to write together when Myrria’s Legacy was finished. Now it has become my November project, although she can work on it before hand.

So there you have it. Of course I will keep up with my blog and as you can see one of my challenges for the next month and a half is to write a devotion a day. It is part of my Lenten committments along with giving up soda. I will incorporate the devotions into the A to Z April challenge. I’ll put the site in another post, but it’s a really fun challenge.

Okay I think I have given you enough to stew on. At the beginning of each week I will post a weekly goals list and keep you updated on my progress.

Happy Writing and God Bless,


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