Goals and Updates


I’m a little late with May’s goals and updates, but never better late than never.

Palace of Twelve Pillars: Still with the copy editor. We are on chapter 14. Working on a synopsis for 12 Pillars as well as the whole trilogy. Am planning on pitching an agent in August when I go to the conference and after that will be submitting to agents and publishers.

Palace of Three Crosses: Still in critique group. We are about halfway through and moving right along. Still shooting for getting it finished by the beginning of November. Minor changes are being made to the story, but overall still the same.

Sanctuary of Nine Dragons: (Previously known as Palace of Nine Dragons) Going to start seriously writing this week. Plan is to have the story finished by June 11, so I can start having it critiqued. Still trying to figure the story out, but after some brainstorming last week I have a better idea.

Myrria’s Legacy and Bjorn’s Revenge: Edits and revisions for Myrria’s Legacy ongoing and brainstorming for Bjorn’s Revenge ongoing and writing to occur in November.

So now for this week’s goals:

Four blog posts: Two devotions and two writing posts.

Writing Sanctuary of Nine Dragons 1667 words a day.

Continuing to critique, edit and revise Palace of Three Crosses

Working on getting a newsletter put together for my blog.

Oh and I am taking a webinar on brand building that lasts all week so I’ll be working on that too.

Happy Writing and God Bless,

Christina Weigand

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