Glossary: Palace of Twelve Pillars Trilogy


Here is a glossary for all things Palace of Twelve Pillars:




The House of Irinaeus- had been the ruling family for the country of Crato for four generations



Prince Joachim-, one of the twin sons of Theodric and Lilia, first born of the twins.



Prince Brandan- other twin son of Theodric and Lilia, second born, once ruled Mahorg until he was banished by Joachim


King Theodric- King of Crato, father to Prince Joachim and Prince Brandan


Queen Lilia- Queen mother of Crato, married to Theodric, mother to Joachim and Brandan, cousin of King Waldrom, Mahorganite


Master Adept Rupert – Adept and first advisor to the king and queen


King Eyvindur- King of the kningrad





King Waldrom – King of Mahorg, cousin to Crato’s Queen Lilia,


King Amleht- king of the Mantions






Salochin- half brother to Theodric and Waldrom, unknown guardian to Brandan and Joachim




Places of Interest:


Ramajaden- The fantasy world where this all takes place


Crato- country on Ramajaden


Mahorg- country on Ramajaden


Hyogo- A small, neutral island country in Takan Ocean to the north of Crato and Mahorg.


Wryzburg- royal city of Crato, where the Palace of the Twelve Pillars, home to King Theodric and Queen Lilia.


Tra Umu Forest- located in the northeastern corner of Crato, and home of the Kningrad.

Has a magic force field that hides the location of the Kningrad and the Cave of Njori.


Imherp- small territory in the Northeastern corner of Crato, ruled by Eyvindur and subject to Crato. The Tra Umu Forest is located there. The home of the kningrad


Freiberg- Freiberg was the royal city of the Kningrad, located in the Tra Umu Forest, in the far northeast corner of Crato. Since it was within the boundaries of Crato, King Eyvindur and the citizens of Freiberg are subjects and allies of King Joachim.


Thael- Small kningrad village that is guarded by magical spells so no one knows where it is.


Anna Mountains- Mountain range in the northern part of Crato.


Mt. Evercidara- is the Holy Mountain of Asha.


Cave of Njori- Cave located in the Anna Mountains, used for spiritual journeys


Jena- village on the border of Crato and Mahorg


Valkan Mountains- Mountain range in the northeast corner of Mahorg.  It is home to the Mantions.


Dun Dealgan- royal city of Mahorg, Palace of the Three Crosses is located there


Tralee- capital city of the mantions in the Valkan Mountains.


Dundalk-mining village of the mantions found in the Valkan Mountains. Mantions take captured people here to work in the mines.


Ndor Forest – Forest in the center of Mahorg it is said to be haunted and magic doesn’t work there.


Mt. Dablaya – Sidramah’s mountain, located in the Valkan Mountains.


Cave of Kobata – It is located in the Valkan Mountains. Followers of Sidramah go there to commune with their god.







Creatures and explanations:


Treaty of 856- Treaty reached between the countries of Mahorg and Crato in the year 856. The treaty forbids the use of the magic of Sidramah and limits the use magic of Asha’s. It also established peace between the two countries and the exchange of youth for training.


Adept & adept magic- user of the magic of Asha, magic is only used as a last resort to heal and repair, when all other means have been exhausted


Wizard & wizard magic- user of the magic of Sidramah, opposite of adept magic, relies on dark emotions of the user.


Mantion-aligned with Sidramah, short, muscular creatures with pointed ears, live in caves and work in the mines when they can’t find slaves to do it for them


Kningrad- usually tall winnowy creatures, aligned with Asha


Flaithri School for Adepts- School for adepts hidden by magic in the Valkan Mountains. Apprentice adepts are sent there to finish their training and study with adepts.


Dietfried School for Heraldry- School for young people of Mahorg and Crato. Any person displaying traits of a knight or adept are sent to this school for their initial training. Once they complete their training here they become apprentices for either adepts or militias.


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