G is for Grilwood

So I Foundered in my A to Z challenge yesterday. If I hadn’t been ill my F would have been for Freiburg the royal city for the Kningrad in the country of Imherp located in the northwest corner of Crato. The Sanctuary of Nine Dragons is also located in Imherp and close to the the city of Freiburg. The Kningrad and the dragons are allied with Crato and Asha and in the third book of the trilogy, Sanctuary of Nine Dragons: Book Three,  are pivotal settings for the action in the book.

G is for Grilwood. This is the Mantion cave country of Grilwood that is located in the north east corner of Mahorg. Although not a major setting this country and its Mantion residents do play a role in all three books of the trilogy. The Mantion are allied with Mahorg and Sidramah although they are more allied with themselves and give the illusion that they are helping Waldrom, Brandan and the people of Mahorg. Their only real goal is to see that they take care of themselves and get what they deserve, which they believe is everything. I’ll discuss them more when I reach M.


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