First Reviews Palace of the Twelve Pillars

The first review is in for Palace of the Twelve Pillars.  You can check it out at this link:

Reviewed by Maria Beltran for Readers’ Favorite

“The Palace of Twelve Pillars” ominously unravels with a threatening letter being sent to Queen Lilia by King Waldron. The setting of this fantasy novel is Crato, a country located in the planet of Ramajadin. The House of Irinaeus is ruled by King Theodric and Queen Lilia and they have two sons, the twin princes Joachim and Brandan. Trouble is brewing in the kingdom as one of their villages, Freiberg, is being raided and evil is being felt by the villagers. With the Peace Summit scheduled in the next few days, the king has his hands full. Meanwhile, King Waldron is planning to seize King Theodric’s kingdom and Melvane, his chief adviser and lead wizard, is summoned to his presence. Part of the king’s plan is to kidnap Prince Brandan and groom him as his heir, if King Theodric does not cooperate during the Peace Summit. In a twist of fate, Prince Joachim finds himself a prisoner of King Waldron while Prince Brandan struggles at home for his father’s approval.

This book is the first installment in a series of a fantasy, coming of age and Christian novel written by Christina Weigand. Fast-paced and full of adventure, it is a book that entertains its readers from the first page. It is amazing how the author sustains the thrill and suspense until the very last page. Obviously directed at young adult readers, the main protagonists include the two young princes who face moral and spiritual trials as they make their journeys through their lives. And they live in a world inhabited by kings, queens, princes, princesses and wizards. Surely, these elements will appeal to our young readers. The author, however, has another intention and this is to write a book that will serve as a guide for young people who are living in the real world. Making choices in life can be difficult and this is the dilemma that the characters in the story like Princes Brandan and Joachim are facing. And making the right choice is indeed a struggle that each of us has to deal with every day. This book is a must read for people of all ages.

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