Emma Right Visits

Emma Right stopped by the Dragons Lair to talk about her book Dead Dreams.






Excerpt of young adult,

Psychological suspense thriller,

Dead Dreams, Book 1. 



THEY SAY EACH dead body, a human corpse, has a scent all of its own, a sweet-sour smell. A cadaver dog picks up the odor as clearly as a mother recognizes a photo of her child. Of course, I wouldn’t know, for I am no dog. I might as well have been, the way I’d stooped to yield to my basic instincts. My mind wandered to her, what her unique smell would be when, and if, they ever were to find her.








After what happened, I decided to write out the events that led to that day and details in case I’d missed something, or might need it for defense, or in case they found me dead. My relatives might need to piece together the things that had spiraled out of control, if they wanted to put me to rest, to forget me altogether. That would be least painful for them. I nodded to myself as I sat in the car. I thought of my most favorite girl in the world: Lilly. At least Lilly’d have my dog, Holly, to remember me by.


My friends used to call me Brie, short for Brianna. But, I could hardly count anyone a friend any more. I’d have to resort to back- watching if I wanted to survive.


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Now here is a little bit about the Author; Emma Right.


Award Winning and Best Seller author, Emma Right, is a happy wife and Christian homeschool mother of five living in the Pacific West Coast of the USA. Besides running a busy home, and looking after their five pets, which includes two cats, two bunnies and a Long-haired Dachshund, she also writes stories for her children. When she doesn’t have her nose in a book, she is telling her kids to get theirs in one.

Emma worked as a copywriter for two major advertising agencies and won several awards, including the prestigious Clio Award for her ads, before she settled down to have children. Emma Right is currently features in Authors’ Network latest book, 50 Great Authors You Should be Reading. She can be contacted through her website at emmaright.com





Youtube  https://www.youtube.com/user/YoungAdultAndKids






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