Easter Monday: U is for Updates


while keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus, the leader and perfecter of faith. For the sake of the joy that lay before him he endured the cross, despising its shame, and has taken his seat at the right of the throne of God. (Hebrews 12:2)

Easter Sunday is over, at least according to the calendar, the world. So does life go back to what it was last week before our Lord was so cruelly put to death and then gloriously rose from the ashes of that same death. For us Easter is not over.

As I sit here pondering my updates and goals for the week, I have to consider this: What does Jesus want me to do? How should I plan and then act on His goals and updates for me? And finally how do I keep His goals and updates in focus.

I saw an interesting vlog this morning that points us to Acts 6:1-9. In the young church dissension was beginning because of the need to address “household tasks” and take time away from teaching the way of God.

I’m not going to get into the vlog. I’ll post the link so you can look at it yourself. But there are some points to be taken from this.

Back to our goals and updates:

The first thing we must do is pray, pray for God’s silent nudging to guide us down the path to making our plans, setting our goals.

The second thing is to listen to what He tells you. Hear it incorporate it into your life. Oh and did I mention; Pray.

The third thing is to do it. Do what He has told you, stick to the plan, no matter where it takes you. Even in the most trying times He is with you and will see you through. Oh and Pray.

Finally, (and I don’t mean the end, so don’t stop) have Faith. He will see you through. And Pray.

In recent weeks, with the cost of everything including gas my family has been in panic mode. I once again started trolling the help wanted listings trying to find paying work. I wrestled with the fact that instead of focusing on the goals that God has so plainly put before me, I should throw in the towel, give up on this mission and rely on human answers to get out of this place. I wondered how Paul and Peter, kept going when all seemed stacked against them. I even wondered if maybe it wasn’t God leading me down the path I was on, but instead Satan in one of his clever disguises. I even wondered if I was really doing God’s work or just saying I was to make myself look good.

Then over the weekend several things happened, that convinced me otherwise. First this past Friday, my computer got a virus. My most helpful and loving husband spent the whole day de-bugging it. I was frustrated because although I could use my husband’s laptop to check mail and troll the internet, because of my somewhat small computer illiteracy, I was unable to post on my blog. I put my a to z challenge up on facebook, but it wasn’t on my blog. Anyway after a day of being w/o my computer, I finally got it back, with still one problem (my computer illiteracy again). I couldn’t figure out how to get onto the admin page on my blog to type my post. This problem haunted me all day Saturday and Sunday. I could do everything I wanted but post on my blog. Then last night as I slept, I dreamed. Through my dreams I realized that Satan was behind all of this. I was posting about my faith, the Resurrection and Trust in the Savior, of course he is going to do all he can to stop me. And he was.

I Prayed. This morning, I tried and stumbled a few times, but in the end found my way back. I almost gave up and said I’ll try again tomorrow. But then the answer presented itself.

So looking forward: God is in my goals, and my updates. He guides the plans and when Satan puts up the roadblocks I will pray.

To get to the Updates:PRAY and have FAITH in Jesus.  He has all the answers.

The calendar may say Easter is over. It may say move on with life. Put away all trappings of the celebration, but we know better. I for one will continue to celebrate. HE IS RISEN, HE HAS DEFEATED SATAN.

Amen: Allelujah

All for the Glory of God,

Christina Weigand


PS Be sure and check out this link: It has a very timely message.

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