E is for EASTER: He is Risen and Mt. Evercidara

E is for Easter: He is Risen. I can hear the grumbling, “Easter was yesterday. It’s over now, time to get back to life. My answer: Easter is about life, it is life. The celebration must continue. Christ overcame death so that we could live. So I will continue to celebrate Easter everyday. For Christ has risen to save me, now I praise and thank Him for the gifts He has secured for me. Let the Easter celebration continue.


Mt. Evercidara is in the country of Crato. It is Asha’s holy mountain and the Cave of Njori is found in that mountain. The mountain and cave play an integral role in Palace of the Twelve Pillars: Book One as both Brandan and Joachim will make journeys the cave for a time of testing and discernment. There is also another mountain and cave in Mahorg; Mt. Dablaya and the Cave of Kobata. Mt. Dablaya is Sidramah’s mountain and the twins also make journeys to the Cave of Kobata for testing and discernment. Depending on the choices each twin makes their journeys will have very different outcomes and lay the path for the future of Mahorg and Crato.


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