Debra Gray Elliott; From Ashes of Pity into Beauty of Purpose

About the Book:

Every day of every second a woman has an abortion. Every day of every second a woman has to live with the emotional turmoil of her decision.


From Ashes of Pity into Beauty of Purpose brings emotionally charred women out of the pits of fire, through the ashes into the beauty of purpose. With the direction of God, hurting women weather through the painful journeys, become women of spiritual beauty, find God’s purpose, and learn to live again.



About the Author:



In 1977 Debra’s life changed forever when at the age of sixteen she was forced to have an abortion. Through her anguish and pain, she rose from the ashes of pity into the beauty of purpose. Her passion is to help other hurting women through healing and hope.


‘From Ashes of Pity into Beauty of Purpose’ is Debra’s first non-fiction work that helps women overcome the negative emotions of abortion through direction, encouragement, and strength.

​Debra is currently working on her second book ‘Dancing through the Storms 365 Day Devotional: Surviving the Loss of a Child’, which was born out of the devastating loss of her daughter Ashley.

Debra resides in Alabama with her husband and family.





No matter the shame or disgrace you see when you look in the mirror, the Lord sees a woman of beauty brought out of the ashes of bitterness and misery. No matter the anger and harshness you keep inside your soul; the Lord sees gentleness. No matter the battles you face, the Lord gives you strength. No matter the demons you fight, the Lord gives you encouragement and comfort to defeat the ashes of pity and learn to live again to become beauty of purpose.

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69 pages

Independently published

Release date: June 22, 2017

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