D is for Dun Dealgan

D is for Dun Dealgan. Dun Dealgan is the royal city of Mahorg on the world, Ramajadin. Although the city is discussed in all three books in the Palace of the Twelve Pillars trilogy it is the major setting for the second book Palace of the Three Crosses. In the first book Waldrom and Lilia came from Mahorg and Theodric was sent there as a boy for training. Waldrom is now the king there along with the Wizard Melvane for his top advisor. He has a grudge and has made it his goal in life to get what he wants at all costs. He is in league with Sidramah the evil entity in the series.

In Palace of the Three Crosses, Waldrom has been betrayed by Melvane and is now his prisoner, leaving Mahorg with no ruler and the castle at Dun Dealgan unoccupied. That is where Brandan is sent to clean up the castle and the country and erase the legacy that Waldrom left behind. By this time though Brandan has other plans and along with his manipulative wife continues the evil that Waldrom started.

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