Changes coming and updates


You may have noticed in the last weeks, there has been a slight change in my content and now I’m going to explain it.

Going forward I plan on posting excerpts from Women of the Bible: A Study and Palace of Twelve Pillars. This is all being done with the intention of launching both books or relaunching as the case may be. WOB was already published in an ebook format, but I for one am convinced that currently a Bible study works better in a book format. I know many people have Kindle’s, Nook’s and whatever other ereaders are out there. I even have one and many people have laptops and i-pads, but there are also many who don’t. By only having my study or any study available as an ebook is leaving a portion of my audience out of the loop and those may be the people I most want to reach. So I am editing the paperback copy and sometime by the end of the year will rerelease it in paperback form. It will be and is still available in ebook format at Amazon, if you are so inclined. I have put a link in the right hand column of this site for your convenience.

Palace of Twelve Pillars: I am deeply into the final edits for this book. Once finished I may publish the ebook on Amazon while I query agents and publishers. If that is a no-no, then would someone in the know let me know. At the very least I will periodically post chapters on this site for short periods of time. And I will certainly keep you abreast of the publisher and agent journey.

So now you may be asking what of the other projects:

Palace of Three Crosses: In the home stretch with my critique group, then begins the next stage of revise and rewrite. Still hoping for an end of the year visit with a copy editor so it can follow Twelve Pillars sometime in 2012.

Sanctuary of Nine Dragons: I won’t be finished writing by June 11, but I am closing in. I’m four years away from the start of Aaron’s Revenge which as you all know is the end of Nine Dragons. Of course my characters are taking unexpected paths again, so who knows where things will end up.

Myrria’s Legacy and Bjorn’s Revenge: Still waiting. I am going to loan the proof copy of Myrria’s Legacy to Ana’s fourth grade teacher to edit over the summer for me. She also will be getting a copy of Aaron’s Revenge because Ana and I love her so much. Hopefully with end of school fast approaching Ana and I will have time do some serious brainstorming before November for Bjorn’s Revenge.

Other projects in the pipeline: A possible devotional book using all the devotions I have posted over the years; more stories of Myrria’s adventures once she gets to earth; then anything that may call my name along the way.

You’ll continue to see book reviews but I don’t think there will too many writing tips because I really feel my focus is heading in another direction, which I will share with you as my focus clears. So until then enjoy the changes and the characters. I’ll see you around.

Happy Writing, Happy Reading, and God Bless,

All for the Glory of God

Christina Weigand

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  1. Chris,
    You might want to rethink e-publishing a book that you intend to submit to agents. From my experience I know that they want to represent fresh material that hasn’t been seen or previously shopped around. Something that has already been seen has lost much of its cachet, in their eyes. Of course, if your e-sales are off the chart, they will make an exception for you!

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