Happy Thanksgiving


Myrria and Sir E. Robert are having no visitors this week due to the holiday. So they asked me to wish all a Happy Thanksgiving as they are celebrating on their own worlds.

While they are on holiday I decided to share excerpts from the three books in the Palace of Twelve Pillars trilogy.

Palace of the Twelve Pillars

Then his gaze fell on Waldrom. Here was the man, so smug and condescending, who sought to destroy Crato and threatened his parents. He didn’t seem the least bit imposing reclining upon his throne. Disgust overwhelmed the prince, and it was all he could do not to spit on the floor. The man was the antithesis of his father, who, with his broad shoulders and compassionate demeanor, commanded the respect of all who knew him.

The king rose from the throne and waved for the guard to bring Joachim forward.

“Prince Brandan, I presume. I’m King Waldrom.”

“Prince Brandan? No, I’m Joachim.” Waldrom stepped back, and Joachim saw the fire burning in his eyes.

“What do you mean, you’re not Prince Brandan?”  Waldrom looked at the guard holding Joachim and waved his hand. A candelabrum flew from the wall, hitting the guard and igniting his beard. The guard swatted wildly at the flames while Waldrom advanced on Melvane, standing by the door. “How could you grab the wrong prince?”

The wizard dropped to his knees. “My Lord, our spies told us Prince Brandan would be in the training room.


Palace of the Three Crosses

Rupert looked through the window in his tower room at the landscape of Wyrzburg. Months had passed since the Battle of Harable Valley and the spring planting season faded into the wonderful summer growing season. The land progressed in its healing and would soon be returned to its former state. As he turned from the window, he thought about the things that hadn’t healed…the twins. Brandan and Joachim still had a long way to go to erase the darkness that infected them. Joachim seemed better, but at night he still dreamed of Sidramah, and the doubts about what happened still haunted him. Brandan appeared even further from the boy that left to find his brother. The darkness appeared to follow him day and night. He withdrew to chambers as far away from Joachim as he could get.

Walking down the stairs to the great hall, Rupert remembered when the princes first returned; both had seemed healed and better than ever, maybe. But it appeared as if the tentacles of Sidramah still lingered. Any small opening the evil one could find, he exploited, and both boys were once again haunted by dark dreams.


Sanctuary of Nine Dragons

“I have sent one who can save them, but he can also bring about their final destruction.

“You, my Guardians, must seek him out. Protect him and ensure he is guided on the right paths.”

Alorn lifted his great ruby-red head. “Tell us who is he, Lord, that we may fulfill Your wishes.”

“I cannot reveal his identity…yet. Just know there are three who need you now. My power will be seen in all, but only one will be the savior in the end. However, all are needed to bring My Will about, and they must all be protected and nurtured.”

“How will we know them?” Stefano leaned forward.

“All will be children of Brandan or Joachim, and they will blend the lineage of the three races.”

“We know of Joachim’s children, but Brandan has none.”

“He has one, a half Mantion-half human child. Gorou is the third, and he will be the hardest to protect and nurture.”

“Why a child of Brandan?” Cielo asked. “Brandan has already chosen the path of evil time and again. Would not a child of his be exposed to that same evil?”

“Although, he fathered the child, Brandan knows not of his existence.


From my family to yours: Happy Thanksgiving.

Creature Teacher by Becky Robbins

Myrria and I had a chance to visit with Becky Robbins to discuss  her book Creature Teacher. Read below to see what she had to say.



Publisher: Austin Macauley Publishers

Date of Publication: 29-04-2016

ISBN: 9781786123541 (Paperback)

Title: Creature Teacher

Author: Becky Robbins





‘One little birdie sits in a tree,

One little birdie wild and free.

Singing a song heard by all,

Singing a song where the trees grow tall.’


Becky Robbins presents Creature Teacher, a fun way to teach children how to count to ten!

Featuring rhymes and colour illustrations, it is ideal to read together.


Available to Purchase:

Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Creature-Teacher-Becky-Robbins/dp/1786123541/

Amazon US: https://www.amazon.com/Creature-Teacher-Becky-Robbins/dp/1786123541/

Waterstones: https://www.waterstones.com/book/creature-teacher/becky-robbins/9781786123541


About Becky Robbins






Becky is very talented. She has published three books
and has written several more. Becky’s love for children
and animals inspire her to write. Other than writing
books, Becky’s hobbies include making decorative
wreaths, gift baskets, and refurbishing old furniture.
Becky is a good person and when she writes you can tell
her words come from the heart.


Why she wrote Creature Teacher:

When someone asks what inspired me to write ‘Creature Teacher’ I tell them my inspiration comes from a love of animals, children, and poetry. I think it’s a great formula for book writing.


I had worked in a school environment for nine months and loved being around the children and teachers. Working at a veterinary clinic for fourteen years only had me yearning to write a book about the precious animals I fell in love with. I know how important it is today to get children motivated to learn. I do know that children relate very well to animals, so I wanted to incorporate them into my story, which would encompass teaching numbers along with rhyme. I had envisioned children sitting on the classroom floor in a circle, as the teacher reads to them. With the easy pattern, students would be singing the words along in no time. The book has simplicity, which is paramount for beginner readers. Once children learn the words they will want to revisit the book over and over.


Children also learn from patterns and ‘Creature Teacher’ carries a distinct pattern throughout the story. The illustrations are bright and vivid to capture any child’s attention. The animals are depicted as friendly creatures, mostly farm animals which children can identify with.


I asked a friend of mine, who is a veteran children’s reading specialist, to look at the story and give me her honest opinion. She confirmed just what I had witnessed while working at the school, she told me the book was great for teaching young learners. The first point was about directionality and word-to-word match and learning to point to words while reading. The catch here is to have the font big enough for children to do just that. I was thrilled to hear this as the font in the book does deliver.


The second bonus was the fact that the picture must match the words on the page as beginning readers rely on the picture clues to decipher the text. It’s all part of the decoding process.


Those who have purchased the book for their children, or grandchildren have repeatedly said that children seem to love the friendly faces on the animals.

After writing ‘Creature Teacher’, I wrote another book. This book will be targeted to a wider age range for children. It has a spooky plot and I hope to draw the reader in with a bit of mystery. I’m also continuing to write my poetry, which has been a lifelong hobby. I may even be inspired to write some poetry for children.