Katie Carroll Visits

Katie Carroll wrote a new book and Myrria insisted that we have her back in the Lair to talk about the book. So let’s dive in and see what it’s all about.


by Katie L. Carroll (katielcarroll.com)

Cover Illustration by Susan Tait Porcaro (susantaitporcaro.com)

Coming October 2017!

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A thrice cursed island, a legendary pirate treasure, and one not-so-brave boy. What could possibly go wrong?

For centuries, the whereabouts of Captain William Kidd’s lost pirate treasure has remained a mystery. When Billy’s best friend, Andy, proposes they look for it on nearby Pirate Island, Billy thinks it’s just another one of their crazy adventures. It’s usually Billy who ends up in trouble as a result, but he goes along for the ride…like always. The more he delves into the life and death of Kidd, the more he thinks the treasure is real and that it might be buried on the small island in Long Island Sound. Billy—nope, call him William—becomes obsessed with the captain of the same first name. He even believes he’s possessed by Kidd’s restless soul. Now he and the spirit of a long-dead pirate are leading the crazy adventure on Pirate Island. And what they find is far bigger than the treasure they imagined.

About the Author:

Katie L. Carroll always says she began writing at a very sad time her life after her sister Kylene unexpectedly passed away. The truth is Katie has been writing her whole life, and it was only after Kylene’s death that she realized she wanted to pursue writing for kids and teens as a career. Since then writing has taken her to many wonderful places, real and imagined. She has had many jobs in her lifetime, including newspaper deliverer, hardware store cashier, physical therapy assistant, and puzzle magazine editor. She works from her home in Connecticut that is filled with the love and laughter of her sons and husband.

In addition to PIRATE ISLAND, Katie is the author of the YA fantasy ELIXIR BOUND. Find Katie on her website, Twitter, Facebook, and Goodreads.

Lorraine Carey Visits

Lorraine Carey rereleased her book The Good Teacher a few weeks back so Myrria and I decided to have her back for a visit to talk about her book. So give Lorraine a warm welcome and let us know what you think about her book.



The Good Teacher

When first-year teacher Daniella Reyes starts teaching at a new school she is frightened by the crows that follow her everywhere. Being a woman with highly empathic abilities and a victim of child abuse, she is tuned to pick up the vibes from abused children in her classroom. She’s desperate to help them while trying to cling onto a normal life with Luke. As she slowly discovers the secrets of a powerful, ancient cult, she finds out that her life is anything but normal as the hidden world of New Mexico opens up to her. She must make a life-altering sacrifice if she wants to save the children, her father’s soul and her own life.


Not since Practical Magic has a novel captured the essence of powerful magic and pure love where strong women in a family know no boundaries.


This supernatural thriller is book 1 of Women of the Willow Wood.


Carmen attempts to get Dani to Santa Fe ~


We headed up Interstate 25 doing about eighty miles an hour. “Just where’s the fire, lady?”

“There’s a storm coming, and I want to beat it,” she said with her eyes fixed straight ahead. “Besides, we have a noon appointment with Nina Santos.”

I was so tired and confused with everything I forgot to even ask about our lodging. “So where are we staying, pray tell?”

“I’ve booked us into La Moderna hotel. Two double beds, second floor, and breakfast is included,” she revealed.

Just the thought of breakfast had me queasy again. I had to lie down on the back seat for a bit. Maybe I could close my eyes, and it would stop.

“Holy Shit!” Carmen boomed

I jumped up. “What… what’s happening?”

I could see the dark clouds up ahead. They were headed straight for us. I don’t think I ever remember seeing such dark clouds as these before. They were thick and huge. The rain hit along with loud bursts of thunder. Then came the lightning. The rain was coming down in sheets.

“Pull over Carmen. I’m scared!”

Carmen drove a bit up ahead till we could faintly see a turn off into a small lot.

We sat as the car shook with the high winds and the rain pelted us from all sides. I thought the front windshield was going to give in.

“It’s going to be fine, Daniella. I had expected something like this. It’s all in line with being tested.”

“Being tested? What do you mean?”

“It’s a test of strength. The spell that was cast has built up energy, and because it went awry, low-lying negatives are trying to stop us by breaking this. You are the one who needs protection, not just your father. You are the gateway so to speak for paving the way to his soul release. There are those who want to usurp your power. They want to go along for the ride – and at a time when you are most vulnerable. It makes it easy for them.”

Them? I shivered. The rain pounded onto the windows. I covered my head and braced for shards of broken glass. We must have sat there for at least a half hour. It was not letting up. The winds were rocking the car back and forth. The rain had stopped, but it was black as pitch out there. It was as if our car was inside of a huge storm cloud.

“Carmen, maybe we need to get out of the car and lie on the ground like you do in a tornado.”

“No. We’re staying right here in the car. We’re far safer in here. They’re out there.”

“Who’s out there?”

“The skinwalkers.”

“Now you can’t be serious? Come on, Carmen!”

“You’ve heard of them, Dani. You grew up in New Mexico.”

“I’ve heard stories but mostly thought they were shifters who roamed cattle ranches at night.”

“Not just stories. Now hand me my bag, please.”

I was beginning to feel as though I was in an episode of the X-Files.

Carmen took out a small vial of oil and a small container of some light-colored powder. She added the powder to the oil. “I’ve got to seal all the windows and doors with this magic mix. It’s a mix of pure white bark powder and Frankincense. It should keep them out.” Her voice was shaky, but she continued to speak. “They know you’re a high empath, and I a guardian. They can make us sick and murder us at worst.”

“Just cast one of your spells on them.” I was now in the front seat, and Carmen was in the back smearing the mixture on the doors and along the windows.

“Can’t. They’re in full power now. Our part is to see how we get through his. These are strong malevolent witches. They possess great knowledge of medicine and are also healers. To kill us would be a big win for them. They are feeding off of your powers Dani.”

Feeding? Witches? I could only hope I’d get through this thing alive. The chances were slim.



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