Book Review: In the Aerie of the Wolf



Book Review: In the Aerie of the Wolf


Author: Leonora Pruner

Book Review: In the Aerie of the Wolf By Leonora Pruner [[ASIN:0982707487 In the Aerie of the Wolf]]

Leonora Pruner’s In the Aerie of the Wolf is an interesting gothic romance. Usually this is not the genre I read but being a Christian fantasy writer this book had some Christian and fantasy elements that I thought I could dig my reading teeth into.

Unfortunately I was disappointed. The romance and Christian elements were right on, although the Christian was sometimes a little heavy handed. The concept of a young woman being sold into marriage to save the family and ultimately falling in love with her unknown spouse was intriguing and well handled by Pruner.

It was in the fantasy and mystery elements where I believe Ms. Pruner fell short. She introduced the werewolf legend along with the disfigured residents of the castle but yet never satisfyingly explained them or tied up the story line. The battle scene at the climax of the book, for me at least was somewhat truncated and surprising. I felt the build up to the the confrontation between the brothers just wasn’t there. The reader knows that someday the brothers will confront each other, but I don’t feel there was enough suspense built in so when the battle does happen the reader although surprised does not feel the intensity of the moment.

Ms. Pruner does an good job of putting the reader in Anne Crofton’s world and has planted seeds for a wonderful romance with a touch of intrigue.


Christina Weigand

I received this book for free from BookCrash for the purposes of the review. I was not obligated to write a positive review.

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