Book Review: Book of Days: A Novel

Book Review: Book of Days

Author: James L Rubart

James Rubart has created a thought provoking read with Book of Days. Although a little slow at the beginning, once Cameron Vaux begins his journey the story takes us on a wild ride. Cameron, is fully human in struggle to believe in God and the legendary Book of Days. The supporting characters are also very believable in their representation of the different facets of society and their different desires, if they happen to be the one to find the book.

Mr. Rubart gave this reader a lot to think about, like forgiveness of others as well as of one self, forgetting, letting go and believing in God. And the final question: if we found God’s Book of Days, could we, would we really change our lives and can the book really save us or is it our faith that saves us? A question each of us must answer within our own hearts. Bravo to Mr. Rubart for putting the questions out there. Thank you for the excellent read and making me think about my faith.

I definitely recommend this book for mystery lovers, for those looking for a suspenseful, action packed adventure, for those who are searching for their place with God and those who think they have found it already.

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