Book Review: Black as Night and Waking Rose

Book Review: Black as Night

Waking Rose

Author: Regina Doman

These two books are the second and the third in a series of Fairy Tales retold. When I read the first book Shadow of the Bear, although I enjoyed the book, I felt the author Ms. Doman was a little weak on characterization and plot. In the second and third book Ms. Doman makes up for these shortcomings. In each book she choses two of the four main characters and has the story revolve around them. In the second book Black as Night she has chosen Bear and Blanche and in the third book Waking Rose she choses Fish and Rose.

Each story is a fairy tale retold in today’s modern world the first in New York City and the second in college towns in Pennsylvania. Ms. Doman besides successfully modernizing these two tales also brings a Christian perspective to them. Each of the characters will struggle on their journey to each other and to God. Although at times the fairy tale connection is a little hard to discern, the stories are well told. She has taken the opportunity to develop the two central characters in each are well developed and we can feel their struggles as they journey through the treacheries of the story.

Overall I think both of these books are a good read and would recommend them to teens as they walk their path to Jesus.

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