Book Review: An Unlikely Suitor


Book Review: An Unlikely Suitor

Author: Nancy Moser

This book is an enjoyable read. Ms. Moser has done an excellent job of portraying the time period and the social norms as well as the clothing and people’s place in society.

Where the novel fell short was in the resolution of the story. The solutions came to easily without us really seeing the repercussions of the choices made by the characters. I was disappointed by the fact that the reaader never really finds out what happens to the one truly bad guy in the story.

I like that the characters turned to God in their times of distress and need, but yet felt that there was not enough emphasis placed on the resolution of their prayers and what part God may or may not have played.

Overall a fun read if you are looking for something light and quick.


All for the Glory of God,

Christina Weigand


I  recieved a free copy from Bethany House Publishers .


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