Bathsheba: The Beloved Wife



The Lord sent Nathan to David and when he came to him he said: “Judge this case for me! In a certain town there were two men, one rich , the other poor.  (2 Samuel 12:1)

Read and Ponder: 2 Samuel 12: 1-24

David committed a grave sin against God and against Bathsheba. Bathsheba could have been like Michal and held it against David for the rest of their lives. Instead, she chose to forgive David and when the child of their illicit union died, David came to her and comforted her. Bathsheba’s reward is another child.


Questions to Ponder:

  1. Do I hold on to grudges no matter the seriousness of the offense?
  2. Can I look beyond the offense, no matter how serious and with God’s help forgive the perpetrator?
  3. Do I let God use His tools to heal my broken heart?
  4. Do I search for redeeming qualities in my broken relationships and with God’s help mend the tears?



Lord Jesus, help me to be more like Bathsheba and lovingly forgive those who have transgressed against me. Let me find my strength and compassion in you. Amen


Please share your answers and thoughts in the comments below. Thank you and God Bless.

All for the Glory of God,

Christina Weigand

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