Time for a little updating. I am so excited, Palace of Twelve Pillars is at the copy editors and she has started working her magic. I can’t wait to see the results.

This past week I have started on the edits and revisions of Palace of Three Crosses. I also have made progress toward the finishing writing the story. I have added about 1900 words and got through the assassination attempt, at least the first one. I am thinking there has to be a second one for the assassins guilt to solidify and the trusted servant to be deemed untrustworthy. Creating can be such fun.

I also started looking for some freelance writing gigs to support my habits. We shall see where that will take me. Not really holding my breath, not completely sure it is a road I want to take or that God wants me to take. So I’m just waiting and praying for some guidance.

My start in this new year has been slow, but I’m hoping that the further I get into the year things will speed up, now that the computer issues have been worked out and we seem to have gotten my daughter settled.

Well enough of this rambling for now, since there are no sage words of advice or pearls of wisdom.

Happy Writing and God Bless,


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